Colby Jack

Here is the first of many entries to keep everyone up to date with the life of my puppy.  

Colby Jack, yellow lab, born: February 13, 2005.   I got him on Good Friday, March 25, 2005.   He is the cutest thing ever.  Once I got him home, he became my life.  He loved to bite on my fingers, sleep, and then bite some more!  He had his first vet visit on March 28th.  Everything went really well, he weighed 8lbs, just a little puppy.  He doesn’t sleep through the night, I now know what the real meaning of DOG TIRED is!

I am just like a real parent, my life has become this puppy.  I have taken so many pictures of him, the people where I develop my film probably think I am crazy. I may have to change photo labs       

He is a very smart puppy, learning what he can and can’t do very quickly.  He still likes to chew everything in site, fingers are still a favorite.  But he now kind of just butts his nose up against my hand to see how far he can go, without being told NO!!   He has lots of chew toys and will chew on those if he has to!!

April 16th, 2005-  Colby had his 2nd vet visit.  Everything is still good, he has almost doubled in weight and size.  He now weighs 14lbs and has grown so tall.  I think everytime I turn around he grows another inch and pound.  

He loves to play outside and go for walks.  He is sleeping through the night, YEAH SLEEP !!!   

That is where we are today.  If you have seen the flea control commercial, where the puppy writes to his parents from camp or the toilet paper commercial– that is what Colby looks like!



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