3 Month Update!!!

Hello everyone!   Happy Birthday to me– I am finally 3 months old   So that means I get to have surgery–  okay so I am not excited about it, but Amy got me fixed!!  No babies for me!!  That is okay– no child support money for me to pay      So after the surgery, I wasn’t supposed to play or be active for 3-5 days, yeah right, just try to keep me inactive.   In order to do that, Amy just ignored me.  So now that I can play again– I am CRAZY!!!  CRAZY !!!  CRAZY!!!!!!

Anyway– while at the doctor, I got weighed and I am at 23 pounds!!  I am getting so big.   I  wish y’all could see me.  I am slowly learning how to sit and not bite.  I still like to bite, but I know when to stop now!!  I am also getting used to the cats!  That big mean Calvin isn’t as scary now, I just bark back at him!  Opie and I get along, but he gets scared when I start to jump around and bark, I have to learn to not do that when he is around!   I think we could be good friends!

Well I should go.  Love to everyone!!




3 thoughts on “3 Month Update!!!

  1. glad to see you are back to your normal self! And you should mind amy she knows what is best for you b/c she loves you.

  2. Happy Easter  Colby  & Feta  hope that you both  have a wonderful day … Please wish Amy a very Blessed  Easter  as well and tell her that we Love her very much …                   Grandpa & Grandma  🙂

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