Summertime fun!!!

I got to play in my very own pool yesterday!!  Amy bought me this little kiddie pool, which by the way is pink, I am a boy– boy’s don’t like pink. Anyway, when I was little I didn’t like the water, but yesterday was a blast.  Maybe it was because it was almost 90 degrees yesterday or I am just getting older and more mature, but I loved playing in it.  It cools off my feet at first, but once I splash around a little bit, my whole body gets cooled off.  I have this feeling that this is going to be my best friend in the near future, that is if I can keep Amy out of it.   I like to jump in it, splash with my paw, and then jump on Amy and get her all wet.  SO MUCH FUN!!   I hope that someday she will take me to a place where I can go swimming, I think I would really enjoy that. 

I am also getting to go on longer walks, which I love.  I am very good at walks, I stay right by Amy.  I think sometimes I get a little too close and trip Amy, it is pretty funny, but for some reason she doesn’t like it.  Amy is trying to get me in shape enough to go to a park and walk, which I think I will like.   The only thing I don’t like about walks is when we encounter other dogs, especially those tiny little ones, they are scary.  I always hide behind Amy when they come close.  Who knows what those yippy little dogs might do to me!  I also think that everyone wants to play with me.  So everytime we come up on someone, I try to go over to them, but Amy doesn’t let me.  I don’t understand, why would she stop me from sharing my cuteness?  How rude!!!

Anyway– I hope all is well with all of you!  

Love– Colby

P.S.  My Auntie Melissa has been in town for 3 days and has yet to see me– I am starting to get sad 😦      Auntie Melissa– if you read this before you leave, your little piggy still loves you and hopes that you stop over soon.



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