I am the smartest dog in the…..

… house.  Okay so I am the only dog in the house, but I still think I am pretty smart. 

So I learned a new trick, and just in time for my 4 month birthday, which was June 13.  I learned how to shake.  No not my tail or a leg, well sort of a leg.  I learned how to shake with my paw.  I sit and when they say shake, my paw goes to their hand.  They seem to love this so I will keep doing it.  When I was first learning, Amy would have me sit, then while grabbing my paw she would say shake and lift my paw up.  I thought this was the perfect time to try to bite her. She did not.  I soon learned that biting was not part of shaking.  I will have to try to sneak it is somewhere else.

I am also getting better at waiting to eat my food.  Amy makes me sit and stay with my food in front of me, taunting me, while she fills my water bowl.  Most of the time, I can wait, but sometimes hunger takes over and I just got to eat.  Then Amy pulls my head out of the bowl and makes me wait even longer.  I don’t understand why she would make my stomach suffer like this, I guess she just doesn’t appreciate my stomach’s need for food.  She will learn, or my stomach will learn. We shall see.  Oh yeah, in the mornings Amy also makes me give her a hug before she will feed me.  I have to hop (front legs only) on her lap and we hug.  I love hugs and cuddling, but I love food more. I do it just to keep her happy. 

Talking about cuddling, that is my favorite part of the night.  At about 9:00/9:30 I start to get really tired, so Amy picks me up and I lay in her lap (chest all the way down to knees) belly up, and she rubs my belly.   If you haven’t seen this, you need to.  People who have seen it get a real KICK out of it, especially me.  

So I am 4 months old, only 2 years and 8 months of still acting like a puppy !!  YIPPY!!!!!   

I have been getting to know the cats better, that doesn’t mean they like me better, but Amy has put the puppy gate up off the ground about 4 inches.  That is just enough room for the cats to come in and out of my room and for me not to get out.  Sometimes I try to sneak out– I think there is a pic of me trying to get out, posted on here.  So now the cats can come into the room to get water, go outside, or as Calvin especially likes to do, yell, hiss, and swat at me.  I am still afraid of Calvin, but I really like Opie. I just wish he would like me a little bit more.  I think his is afraid of me still. 

Well that wraps up my monthly blog.  I hope you are all enjoying this.  Next month I will be reporting from sunny??  Wisconsin.  Where I will get to see my grandparents and uncle.   Okay that sounds weird– Amy and I will be driving up to Wisconsin to visit her family. I am very excited and I plan on being a very good rider.  Till then, have a great rest of the month of June and come visit me when you have a chance. I love seeing new people.

Love to y’all —

Colby Jack


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