Trip to Wisconsin– Home of Cheese!!!

This July I got to go on my first long distant car ride!   We left San Antonio in the morning and drove over to Houston to pick up Amy’s Dad.  He flew in so he could help drive Amy home.  I slept the entire way over to Houston, seems like I may like this driving thing.   We got to the airport around 11, picked up her dad (aka grandpa)  and started on our way north.   I did pretty good for about 4 more hours, then I started to hate the trip.  I was stuck in the way back of the vehicle, Amy thought that would be safest for the driver and me.  So I let her know that it was not a good idea.  I cried and barked, barked and cried until we got to the hotel.  Oh yeah, I forgot to say that Amy forgot all my food at home so they had to buy a new bag, which wasn’t the same kind of food as I was used to (more on that later).  Anyway, we got to the hotel and I was just a nervous wreck, with a lot of energy.  I did manage to sleep through the night, and then in the morning, we were off again.  I once again let them know that I did not like this situation.  I AM A PEOPLE DOG, I NEED HUMAN TOUCH!!!      Anyway about 12 hours later, we finally got to Amy house, and I was very glad.  I think Amy and her Dad were too.  So back to the food thing, I didn’t not get much food on the actual driving part of the trip (they didn’t want to have to make too many doggie stops), so Amy gave me more food that night.  Well, little did she know, but puppies stomachs are very sensitive to food change, and well she found out that night a couple of times and then a couple more times in the morning, I threw up.   So, my body not only was stressed out from the driving, but now my stomach was messed up from the food.  So Amy went and got the right kind of food, and within a couple days, I was back to normal!!  I very much enjoyed country living, except that I had to be on a leash at all times, and the cars go so much faster on this road than the roads at home. 
I loved hanging out with Grandma Jean and Uncle Jim.  Jean wanted me to be a small little puppy still, I tried to shrink myself, but it didn’t work.  Jim loved to run around with me and play with me.  He is the bestest uncle in the world!!   BARK BARK BARK — (I think you know what that means Jim)   
I learned a couple of new things while on this vacation also.  I learned how to go up and down stairs– that was very, very scary at first, then I loved it so much that I would go up and come right back down, just because I could!!    I also learned that I need to lay down (on the floor) when people are eating.  And I learned how to catch.  I now catch tennis balls, my bucky and basketball toy, and soft frisbees.  I keep asking Amy to throw one of Lisa’s cats to see if I can catch them, but they won’t do it???
So, I got really comfortable at this new home, and then ….. we had to leave again.  This time Amy got smart, she took down the doggie guard in the vehicle and laid all the seats down.   I got to roam the entire back and also get some needed human touch.  The trip back was SOOOOO much better, I rarely barked, and mostly slept.  I would wake up every once in a while to make sure that Amy and her Dad were still there, then fall right back asleep.   It was great.
So now I am back in SA and very glad to have my backyard to play in and my own room to sleep in again. 
I attached some photo’s from my trip home.  Enjoy
P.S.  right before I left for home, I went to the vet!!  I weighed 50 pounds and that was almost a month ago.  I am getting very big, very fast!! 
P.P.S.  I have also started losing a lot of teeth, and that has made me kind of crabby.  I sure hope they all fall out soon, I am sick of my mouth being in pain.
Love you all!!!

One thought on “Trip to Wisconsin– Home of Cheese!!!

  1. Hey ColbyYou forgot to mention the fact that you got to meet the Famous Uncle Elmer!!!!!!!!!!!! I will assume that it was your young age that you failed to remember such a great guy. You will have to tell the bitch you live with how embarassed you are for not mentioning me in your update. Have a great day.Nice DoggieNaughty Amy

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