Happy Half Birthday to Me!!!

Today (August 13) is my 6 month B-day.  Well tell me Happy Birthday already!!!  Thank you.
So I may be the size of a DOG (63 pounds and growing)  but I still act like I am a little, fuzzy puppy.  Okay, so about the weight thing.  I have so far gained, on average, 10 pounds for each month of my life.  Does that mean when I am 12 months old, I will be 120 pounds.  That would be awesome!!!  
Even though I am HUGE, I still love to cuddle, but I don’t fit so well on Amy’s lap anymore.  I have not only gained weight, but I have also gotten taller.  As you can see by the pictures I posted on here, I have outgrown ben (Amy’s stuffed rot.)   I think I could take him now!!   GRRROWLLLL.   
I mentioned in the last blog that I was starting to lose my baby teeth, well they are all almost out.  I (hopefully) only have 2 to go, and one of those is ready to fall out!!   I can’t wait for all my big dog teeth to come in, I am sick of my mouth bleeding and hurting all the time!! 
Talking about the last blog, my GREAT (very super duper old) Uncle Elmer commented about not being mentioned (cry baby).  I didn’t mention him, because I figured that he was so old, that he wouldn’t remember me anyway.  I guess I could have mentioned him, and his super duper sweet wife Joyce could have read it to him.  So, anyway, I am sorry Great Uncle Elmer for not mentioning you. I promise I will never do it again.  I would love to see you again, so when are you going to come and visit me??  
Well that is all for this blog.  I hope everyone is having a great August. 
Love– Colby
P.S. Great Uncle Elmer— please remember that I am only 6 months old and that children may see this blog– please refrain from using curse words.  Thank you and Amy says you are still her favorite uncle, even though you called her that bad name!!  

2 thoughts on “Happy Half Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Happy birthday colby!!! melissa is away right now and doens\’t know i\’m using her computer… i am sneaky like that. so you baby teeth are falling out huh? do you you have a doggie tooth fairy? well i better go i can here melissa coming up the steps and she will be so mad at me! love -tux

  2. i just realized there were a lot of words i didn\’t spell right in my last comment. i\’m sorry i am still trying to figure out how to type with my paws! i\’m a slow learner.

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