Happy 7 month Birthday to Me!!!!

My 7 month birthday was two days ago, I was celebrating so much, that I forgot to write my blog.   OOPS….   Can Y’all believe that I am 7 months old already?   Neither can I.   Well I haven’t been to the vet in awhile, but I am going Sat., just to get weighed.  Amy thinks that I am close to if not more than 70 pounds, so the 10 pounds every month thing would still be true!!!  I will blog on sat. to let you know my exact weight.  I included the most recent pic of me with Ben (the stuffed Rot)  He is shrinking I think, must be old age!!  
Anyway, Amy has a new name for me, DESTRUCTO DOG!!!   I have so far ruined, one flip-flop, lots of paper (some important others not so important), the GET FUZZY calendar, started to chew on the wireless connection USB port, but Amy stopped me before I did major damage!!   I may not be here to talk about it, if I did ruin her internet connection.     
I am also very needy right now, I hate for Amy to leave me alone.  I cry and cry until she comes back.  All I ask for is a little love.   Okay, so it is a lot (A LOT) of love !!   I am still super duper cute, just way bigger.  I say more to love!!  
Thanks all for following my growth and development.  I love company, so if you get bored, come on over!!  I have a big back yard, we could play some soccer!!  I am the best goalie in town (I mean the back yard)
Love, Colby

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