Weight Update!!!

Okay– remember how I said that I said that I have gained 10 pounds each month?   That doesn’t hold true this last month.   In my last blog, I weighed 63 pounds (August 14th)!!  Today, went to the vet to just get weighed, I weigh… any guesses?????….   84.5 pounds   Yeah, that’s right!   Can you believe that I gained 21 pounds in one month!!    I am going to be huge!!  You’re welcome Amy!!  You always wanted a big dog, I guess you are going to have one !!  
Love— Colby, the Destructo Dog, Jack

3 thoughts on “Weight Update!!!

  1. listen here just b/c you weigh alot doesn\’t mean you can run the house when we move in together… just so you know I am the boss! got it? oh crap gotta go melissa is coming!

  2. Wow Big Dog !!!! Colby !!!!!!!! Hope that you learn to be a patient dog as you grow up as well…. You would like it here in Wisconsin now that the weather is getting cooler.. Gramps

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