Happy 8 month Birthday to me!!!

Yup– It is that time again, for all you lovers of Me (Colby Jack) to wish me another birthday.  I know, I am late in writing again, but I was just checking to see if any of you would remember this special day!  Nope, no one!!   Anyway, it was a great birthday, just like all the others.  Woke up, ate, played with Amy, got a treat, got to stay outside all day (all by my lonesome–you can feel sorry for me now) and then Amy came home (late) and we went for a walk, I took a late night nap.  We then played outside, to get rid of my last bits of energy, and finally went to bed.  So all-in-all, it was a pretty normal day.  But I hear there are big plans for someone’s 1 year birthday.  I wonder who that lucky dog is?    Oh well, I guess I will have to wait and see.  I hope everyone feels bad, that they didn’t write to me or send me treats for my birthday. 
      Colby Jack  
P.S. I gained 3 pounds in the last month, and then the vet tech told me I could stand to lose 5 pounds.   I am a puppy, aren’t all babies supposed to have baby fat!!  Jeepers lady!!  

2 thoughts on “Happy 8 month Birthday to me!!!

  1. dude i\’m RSVPing to your 1 year party. if its a surprise party i need you to totally act surprised got it! i don\’t want them to know i let the cat out of the bag (no pun intended). anyway hope you had a great 8 month birthday! see ya later! much love -tux

  2. Oh Colby. Guilt is not attractive, even in a puppy. Just a little life lesson from your Auntie Loki.I do hope that you bit that vet tech on behalf of all of us who can\’t get away with biting anyone who says we could stand to lose a few.

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