Happy 9month Birthday to MEEEEEEE!!!!

I have made it through 3/4 of my first year of life!!  Can y’all believe that I am 9 months old already??  Neither can I.  Amy took me to the vet again, just to see how much I weigh.  94.2 pounds!!  WOOHOO– vet lady still said I could lose a few!!! next time she says it– I am going to bite her in the butt!!  
I got to go to my first State Park, Government Canyon.  It was pretty fun, but long, the total walk was about 5miles, so I was really a tired puppy.  I attached a couple pics of Amy and me.  One of the pics shows how tired I really get.  The other pic is of me with a t-shirt on, yes I said a t-shirt.  How embarrassing!!  So now I look as silly as Calvin and Opie (Lisa’s cats) and Amy’s cat (he has since passed away) Whiskers.  I guess that since she is too old to dress up dolls, she thinks she can dress up animals!! 
I hope everyone is doing well, don’t forget, I love visitors. 
Love, Colby Jack

2 thoughts on “Happy 9month Birthday to MEEEEEEE!!!!

  1. Well Colby you let her get away with the sheet thing and now you are stuck. Just joking. Government Canyon looks like fun. Have 9th monthday 🙂

  2. If biting the lady vet in the butt doesn\’t work, just tell her that … wait a second, this is a family friendly blog. How about if you just let me know if you need stuff to tell the lady vet to get back at her?

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