Happy 10 month B-day to me!

Well, it is that time again, to wish cute little (hehe) me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Can you believe I have been on this green earth for 10 whole months!!  I am pretty much the same dog as last month, but there is just a little less of me.  Last month I weighed 94.2 pounds, this month– 92.6.  So take that vet lady– I am losing weight!  I am still a big whiny butt.  Right now I am crying to Amy, for only God knows what?   I get very impatient with her when she is typing e-mails and I stick my nose under her hand and push it off the keys so she will play with me!! It always works!!  I have learned how to fetch, but only chewed up garden hose and soccer balls!!  Hey something is better than nothing!  I am still very much a people dog, I want to say hello to everyone and sniff them up and down!  I think some people are scared of me, but I would never intentionally hurt someone!   I do get a little too excited sometimes and start jumping around, but if you pet my sweet spot (on my chest between my front two legs!!), I stop all movement and let you pet me.   Amy tends to get me really hyper when she comes home from work, we jump around together, dance, and wrestle.  It always ends up with me on my back and Amy giving me a belly rub.  I love Amy– just ask her she will tell you! 
Well this is it for my birthday blog.  Make sure you check out my Christmas list! 
Love y’all
Colby Jack

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