Dear Santa…..

Dear Santa,
      This is my first Christmas ever!!  I am so excited to be sending you my first letter.  I have been a good boy the past 10 months.  Just look at me, how could something this cute be bad?  Sure, I get a little hyper at times and sometimes I accidentally bite Amy, but it is her fault, she has my toy.  I always apologize right away.  As I am sure you can see, most of my toys have either been thrown away due to a state of unrepair or they are looking pretty ragged.  I love to chew and I can’t help it that these toys don’t last very long.  If you could find me a toy that both the cats and I could play with that would be great.  I love the cats and I really wish they would play with me more.  Amy is going to be gone for Christmas, so I am counting on you to bring me some good stuff to keep me occupied while she is gone!! 
Here is my list:
1.   Chew toys— anything with a squeaker please. 
2.   Treats— the bigger the better
3.   A new pool, one without a hole in it please
4.   Any sports balls that I can bite into and won’t pop would be great.  I am becoming quite a good soccer player.  I would like to work on some of my other sports skills
5.   Make Calvin and Opie like me a little bit more.  I don’t think the hissing, growling, and batting at me are good things??? I am still learning.
6.   My own queen size bed, Amy is taking up too much room on the current one. 
7.   More shampoo (Amy is making me put that one) 
8.   A male friend for Amy, that will play with me!!  (she put that one also)
9.   MORE DEER POOP!!!!!! YUMMY—  if deer poop is not available, I will take more puppy food! 
10. A new friend to play with, such as a new lab puppy.  This one only if you can’t do #5
I think that pretty much covers it.  I am so excited for Christmas Santa– I promise I will be sleeping when you come. 
Love– Colby Jack ‘Claws’  (hehe)
P.S. Could you also wish everyone who knows and loves me a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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