1 more month til the big 1 (year old)

11 months old, can you believe it?   Yeah, neither can I.  This past month was a good one.  I got to celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve– woohoo!!   I have grown a little bit– 96 pounds.  I have stopped sleeping in the same bed as Amy now, mainly because she kicked me out.  I sneek into bed in the mornings.  I just can’t help but love Amy so much that I want to be near her at all times.  As you can see from the attached pic, I am a big sports fan.  Not so much the watching of it, but the playing of it.  I have also gotten sooooo much better at retrieving, and sometimes I release without Amy telling me to (ten million times).  I just like to test Amy’s patience, and well she normally wins.  Anyway, one more month until I am 1 year old.  I am so excited about my party– the surprise was ruined awhile ago, my friend TUX let the cat out of the bag 🙂   That is really okay.  Amy has big plans for my special day, but since my b-day is on a Monday, my party will be the saturday before.   I hear there may be a cake and some doggy treats, such as puppy chow!!  How fun is that?  
I love all of you– okay so I love everyone, I am a dog, what do you expect?
Love ya– Colby Jack

One thought on “1 more month til the big 1 (year old)

  1. You weren\’t supposed to let on that you knew! I guess I know not to tell you anything! I will be at the party and they better have something besides puppy chow for us cats!

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