My new sister

Hey everybody! 

 I have a new sister!!!!  Her name is Feta (do you sense a theme here?)  Amy found her at school, she was a stray that was attacked by a pitbull (Amy witnessed the attack).  The pitbull got a hold of her little leg and wouldn’t let go.  Finally, they got the pitbull off of her and it left.  Unfortunately, the pitbull also left Feta (about 4 months old) with a severly broken leg.  Another teacher called the humane society and the animal defense league, but they couldn’t help.  So, Amy took her to the vet, where she is currently living.   The vet took x-rays, they were hoping for a minor break.  What they found was a serious break at the ankle with damage to many bones and the growth plate there.  So they sent the x-rays to an orthopedic surgeon.  The surgeon figured that to fix it, it  would require a steel plate and rods!  NOT FUN.  The vets told Amy, that another option would be to amputate it.  The surgery is not a sure thing, the leg may not grow, which could lead to other problems.  Amy weighed both decisions, and with help from the vets, decided on the safer route, which is amputation.  

Even though I have not met Feta,  I am excited to have a new sister and especially excited to have a playmate!!  WOOHOO.  I have attached some pics of her.  All were taken at the vet office, Feta is heavly drugged with pain meds.   Some of the pics are not that great, but Amy was trying to get pics of the broken leg.  She is a super cute puppy (she looks like me, which makes her so much cuter). 

I will let her blog, when she is healthy again.  I am not sure if she can type yet, but I will teach her.

I love all of you,




P.S.  if anyone would like to make donations to Feta’s Surgery Fund!  Amy would greatly appreciate it !  


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