Hey everybody, It’s me Feta.  Colby is letting me type my first blog.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing great. My surgery was on Tuesday(4th), and I came home last Friday(7th). 
Friday night was the first time I got to meet my big brother Colby.  I accidentally yelled at him Friday night, but I was stressed, still drugged up, and a little nervous.  Now, we are best of friends. 
I unfortunately have to wear an e-collar, so I don’t take out my stitches.  I really don’t like it, but I know I have to wear it.  I will hopefully get my stitches out next friday and then I won’t have to wear it again (until I get spayed). 
I love my new house, I am having so much fun playing with all of Colby’s toys.  I love to cuddle with everyone and everyone loves to cuddle with me, except for those cats, who let them in here?   I yelled at Calvin one night, but I backed down.  I guess he is King around here, yeah whatever Calvin, you’re lucky I have this collar on, just wait ’til it comes off.   
Everyone says I am the sweetest, most laid-back puppy ever.  I am sure that they say this because Colby is definitely a little boy, and is crazy-hyper sometimes.  But I still like him. 
I should go, Colby wants to play again.  Oh, a dog’s life is hard. 
I included some pics, look how cute I am. 
Love ya– Feta Mae
P.S. I am pretty sure Colby is jealous of me.  That is okay, I love attention.

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