More Cheese please!

Hey everybody, it’s Colby again.  I was going to let Feta write again, but I didn’t want to.  Plus, I am a little jealous of the attention that she is getting. (side note from Amy– Colby is getting just as much attention from me as before) 
Anyway, Feta and I are getting along great. I love playing with her, well teasing her with the toy and then running away.  She is getting pretty good at running now, she can almost keep up with me.  Sometimes, I think she forgets that she is missing a leg, and try to use it, and rolls over.  It is pretty funny.  I have included some pics of her and me, please look at them and enjoy.  Amy definitely is enjoying the two of us.  If anyone hasn’t met my supersweet sister yet, come on over, we would be happy to see you. 
Love ColbyJack

One thought on “More Cheese please!

  1. Hi Colby   you hang in there  Ole Boy !!!  you will find  that it will be a good thing for you to have feta around .. some one to keep you company  when Amy is at work ….   hope to see you again soon ……  maybe this summer …….  PS  Hi Feta  🙂  welcome to the family …….

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