Happy Memorial Day

Hello Everyone– Colby here, sorry for not writing sooner, things have been busy.  You know the typical stuff, sleeping, eating, playing, wrestling, licking, etc… So much to do, so little time to do it. 
So the last I wrote, I was talking about how Feta is getting better everyday, she is still doing great.  She had her second surgery awhile ago (she was spayed– as some friends have said, "you don’t want little tripod puppies running around?")  Her suture is completely healed and she is getting bigger everyday.  She is getting really tall, she may turn into a giraffe soon!!  I don’t think she will be as big as me, but she is a girl, so she should be more petite.   (By the way, Feta weighed 37 pounds and I weighed 94 pounds the last time we went to the vet.)  Feta and I still love to wrestle (if Amy could figure out how to attach a video to this site, you could see the video, but for now you will have to comment on here or e-mail Amy and she will send you some video of us.  For some reason, she won’t let me figure it out.  Something about my slobber on her camera?  I don’t understand.) 
I have become less jealous (yes, I admit it, I was very jealous before).  I am still a mama’s boy, and if you say anything bad about that, I will sick my little sister on you. 
Feta, like me, decided about a week ago, that she no longer wanted to sleep in the kennel anymore.  Waking up every two hours crying to be let out of the kennel and outside.  So the kennel is gone, and Feta now sleeps on MY couch.  Which is really okay with me, that just gives me more reason to sleep with Amy. 
I have included some pictures of all 3 of us.  A couple of them are from the Luau we had here last saturday.  It was so much fun, all the guys loved playing with me.  They would toss the frisbee and if they didn’t catch it, I would get it and run away.  WOOHOO, so much fun.  Feta was a little overwhelmed at first, but got used to everyone very quickly.  I definitely was a tired puppy at the end of the night.  Feta didn’t make it till the end of the party, she fell asleep on the kitchen floor.  Feta was loved by all the girls, they think she is so cute and so sweet.  aaacchhh  …. what do they know.  Who wants a cute, sweet, three-legged dog, when they can have ME?  
Well I need to go, Amy is going to take us on a walk.  WOO HOO — I love walks.  Feta kind of slows us down, but she only goes around the block once with us.  We drop her off at home, and take another couple laps without her.  I love my alone time with Amy.  Makes me feel like an only child again. 
Love y’all. 
P.S.  Hiya everyone.  This is Feta, Colby said I could say HI.  Actually, I have been biting his leg the whole time he was writing this, so he said if I stop biting his leg, he would let me type something.  I love him so much.  He is the bestest brother ever.  Okay I gotta go, Love ya, MWAH
P.P.S.  This is Colby again.  Amy said I need to send a special shout out to my Great Aunt Sue in Wisconsin and her co-workers who read this.  Also to Auntie Krystal and her co-workers.  Thanks for reading. 

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