New city, new house…. adjusting!!

We are all moved in and finally settled, I hope.  Amy unpacked most boxes Saturday night and Sunday morning.  She spent the rest of the week, doing little things to make the house look complete.  Feta and I on the other hand, tried to wreck the house with our wrestling and throwing toys all over.  Feta actually tore apart the new stuffed football that Amy just bought us!! (See pic)  How rude.  Now that football is in the stuffed toy ward with Bucky and Jack waiting surgery.  
I actually am feeling much better than I was a couple days ago.  I get very anxious with change and my stomach goes a little crazy.  Amy did not enjoy cleaning up after me.  I also followed her around like she was going to leave me if I didn’t have her in my sight at all time.  Feta, she was happy as long as there was something to lick or a toy to chew on!!   Amy called the vet to see if there was something to calm my nerves, and they told her to drug me up with Benadryl!  That stuff works, I became so relaxed, I slept most of the day!  I am still taking it and probably will for awhile, just to make sure I am back to normal. 
There are a lot of dog parks I am excited to take a look at, I will post pics of that when I get some good ones.  We are also hoping to go for some family hikes, I am not sure how well Feta will do though, her back leg gets tired pretty quickly.   Again, I will post the results of that later.
Hold on, Feta wants to say hi:  
Hiya everyone, I just wanted to say HI to everyone who loves me, and who wouldn’t love me.  Look at me, so tiny and cute with only three legs.  Also look at my tongue– with a tongue like that, who wouldn’t love me!!!   Anyway, I love the new house, there is a dog in the yard behind us, he is my bestest friend.  I like him a lot, I just wish I could lick him.   Hehehehehe   Also, when we go for walks, everyone wants to pet me, yeah!!!  more licking.   I gotta go, more toys to be destroyed!!!  LOVE YA LOTS—- LLLLLIIIICCCCKKKK
Colby here again.  I guess I should sign off, I gotta go, if you know what I mean. 
Love to all my adoring fans!!    MWAH
ColbyJack and Feta Mae
P.S. from Feta– look at the crazy way I sleep under the table and chairs– do you see my back leg???  I am so silly!!

2 thoughts on “New city, new house…. adjusting!!

  1. Thanks for stopping by the DogBlog!  LOVE the pics of Colby Jack and Feta, and have been following the pups thru Superfantastic for a while now.  Nice to see so much of them here!

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