Sick Dog…..Crazy Puppy!!!!

Feta here, typing for the colbster. 
 He has not been feeling well the last couple of weeks (I won’t go into detail, but it is not a pretty sight)  Amy has taken him to the vet twice for a bunch of tests, all of them coming up with nothing except that your dog is CRAZY.  Just kidding, I added that last part, he is sort of crazy.   Actually, he is a pretty fun brother, when he feels good.  He is also a MOMMA’s boy,  he can’t stand to have her out of his sight for even two seconds.  Anyway, back to the sickness.  At first Amy thought it was his anxiety that was making him sick.  We had just moved, everything was new, etc….  But after a week of it, she thought maybe it was more.  So, they went to the vet (that meant I got the house to myself– WOOHOO)  Colby had x-rays taken to make sure that there wasn’t anything blocking the food from wherever it goes in his body.  The x-rays came back clear (except for a lot of gas– I know that is gross, but true)  So they came home with some bland dog food and a prescription for Colby to fast for 24 hours.  That worked for about 48 hours, then the puking came back again.  Again Amy took Colby to the vet, more tests, more nothing.  Keep him on the bland diet and see how it goes, oh yeah and fast him again.  Amy fasted him for almost 48 hours this time, to really clear out the system, and he did great after that for a couple days.  So now Amy is clueless as to why he is still puking???  He does eat grass and sticks (don’t ask how we know), so maybe that is it.  He hasn’t been as smelly as normal, so maybe he is still full of gas?  Who knows?   If anyone out there has any ideas (that don’t cost a lot of moolaa, let me know), I want my fun loving brother back again. 
Enough about him, onto me!!! 
I am still the cutest, sweetest, most precious, crazy dog you will ever meet!!  Oh and this guy on our walk yesterday told me I was an inspiration to him and he needed to pet me so that he would have good luck all day!!  He seemed sketchy so, I was scared of him.  Amy obviously didn’t think he was too sketchy, cause she let him pet me, HOW RUDE.  Okay, so maybe I liked it a little bit, but still!!! 
Anyway, my back leg is getting stronger all the time.  I used to not be able to make it on the walk without sitting down, not Amy is adding more blocks to the walk, and I don’t sit down once!!  I love to play and love it when Amy throws my toys down the hallway so I can go and get them.  I run to get it and run back, jump and land on the ottoman.  I then start to play with the toy, throwing it in the air, catching it, dropping it, looking at Amy or Lori (the roomie) to pick it up.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  WOO HOO.   I also love to play on the couches, I get a toy from the floor, try to jump onto the couch, drop the toy while getting on couch, get off couch to get toy, try to get back on couch, drop toy again, finally I get on the couch with the toy, and that is when I go crazy.  I dive into the couch, toss the toy in the air, turn around, flip over, look around to see who is watching.  If someone is watching, smile and let my tongue hang out.  So much fun.  If I get sick of that toy, I will walk over to the toy box, grab a new one and start all over again.  After all my playing I take a nap– and as you can see from the pics, I love to sleep.  I get so comfy, upside down, leg up head half hanging off the couch, tongue out!!  Nap time is great. 
Colby is telling me to stop writing so much, I think he is getting jealous again.  He should have never taught me how to type, if he didn’t want me writing on here. 
I should go, I think I hear a nap calling. 
Feta Mae
P.S. Colby had been sleeping, so he didn’t see everything I wrote, don’t tell him what I wrote.  He might get mad at me.  Love ya

One thought on “Sick Dog…..Crazy Puppy!!!!

  1. Aw, I hope Colby feels better soon!  I hate it when dogs get sick, \’cause they\’re not any good at telling you what\’s the matter.
    Feel better, Colby, and keep on smiling, Feta!

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