All’s well that ends well?? Well maybe not.

Hey everyone, Colby here again.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.  I am feeling much much better.  So far I have been puke free for 4 days.  I actually feel better and am more like my old self, just a little skinnier, but I am working on that also.  I can’t stop sticking my nose in Amy and Lori’s food, I think that I need to eat it all.  I love my new food (bland food.. strange dog)  I have also become more adjusted to the house.  Little noises don’t freak me out as much and I am walking around more of the backyard now.  Amy and the vets still don’t know what was wrong with me, maybe I had some bug (more like ate some bug.. hahahaha)
Anyway, you can see in one of the pics below what I looked like most of the time I was sick, except for those times I was playing with Feta, walking the block, and eating (which I love, did I mention that??) 
I don’t have much to write about, so I have attached a lot of pics and will tell you about them. 
The pic from 6-17 is me, sick.  nuff said!!
pics from 6-26 are of me and Feta loving each other.  I also like to use the terms hugging, playing, fighting, trying to rip each others throats out, etc….  Also Amy tried to get a little creative with her picture taking, I think the one makes my nose look big, what do you think?  Also of Feta chewing the rest of the frog I destroyed awhile ago.  She loves to chew on the toys until little bits come off, then she spits it out and goes for another piece.  Wierdo!!!!  The other one is of me pretending to yell in Feta’s ear.  (side note from Amy– he was actually about to bite her neck)
6-29  One of these is of me trying to get every scrap of food off the ground.  The bowl holder is something Amy made for me, so I don’t have to bend over as far to eat.  Pretty crafty, right?   The other two are my way of letting Amy know that she is done on the computer and needs to come and play with me.  Aren’t I cute???
6-30  It actually looks like she is beating me right?  Yeah, sometimes I let her think she is winning, I can be a nice big brother sometimes.   Feta also loves to lay on the furniture, especially the ottoman, and if she can lay on both the couch and the ottoman, she is happy. 
Two of them are from when Amy was trying to brush her.  Feta hates to be brushed, so she jumped up on the couch and tried to hide, can you see her??  🙂   The one with the clumps of fur, is what Amy brushed off the livingroom floor, this is the second time she has done this.  I will admit, some of the fur could be mine, but the majority of it is from Feta (since she has longer fur. 
The last one is kind of embarrassing for me.  We were all out on a walk one night and we stopped to say hello to this little boy and his Grandma.  Well I was still thinking about the little boy, and didn’t notice the BLACK CAT hiding in the bushes.  To my defense, no one else did either.  Anyway, I went after the cat, cut short by Amy holding my leash, but not short enough to avoid the cat’s claws.  Amy didn’t even notice that I had been injured (I wasn’t going to tell her) until later that night.  I don’t know if you can really see the wounds in the picture, Amy edited it so you can see where I got hurt.  I have three little puncture wounds in my nose.  I wasn’t going to write about it, but if I hadn’t been restrained by Amy, I definitely would have chased that cat until I had it’s little kitty head in my mouth.  I then would have probably spit it out, because I am sure those nasty little cats would taste very sour.  I definitely would have scared that cat though. 
I need to go, it is 5:15 and I get fed at 5, so yeah, I need to go.  I ……
… Feta here, Colby is busy watching Amy fix him dinner, I know my food will be there, so I thought I would say HI.   You should have been there when Colby got his butt kicked by that cat. It was so funny, I laughed the rest of the way home.  I am glad that is got him and not me.   Alrighty, I should go.  I need to be there to yell at Colby if he tries to even smell my food.  I love you all.  MWAH  
P.S. Only 11 days until I get to see my Grandma.  I have yet to meet her, but from what Colby tells me, she is a pretty nice lady.  I sure do wish I could see Grandpa also.   Love you all

2 thoughts on “All’s well that ends well?? Well maybe not.

  1. Hey Colby — Glad you\’re feeling better! Love the pictures…we need to post some more over at my blog.  The Alpha made me a bowl holder, too, so I should take a picture of that for you to see.  (We\’re good at being spoiled, aren\’t we?)
    The Boy says hi to Feta!  Catch you later…  — Cub

  2. Hi  Colby & Feta  oh and yes Amy !!!! 🙂   Glad to hear that you are feeling better again Colby ….stay on the recovery track
    PS  watch out for the big bad cat !!!!  Hahahaha   Talk to you soon  Amy  Love  Dad

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