Visit from Grandma

Grandma was here, and she didn’t bring us toys?  What’s up with that.  Just kidding Grandma, it was so much fun with you here.  You played with us, you walked with us and you got to go to the park with us.   We miss you already and can’t wait to see you again.     ColbyJack and FetaMae
Amy finally took us to the park, a LEASH-FREE park.  She was nervous at first, so she kept us on our leashes.  Feta and I didn’t like that idea, us being restrained while all the other dogs got to run free.  Finally Amy took off our leashes.  WOOHOO.  It was so much fun.  We were down by the water when she ‘set us free’ and we both went right for the water.  I went to get a drink and my feet slipped, which scared me a little bit, so I didn’t get in.  Feta on the other hand got right in and started swimming, which freaked Grandma out a little bit.  She is a natural swimmer.  Luckily she didn’t go to far and came back when Amy called her.  We then left that spot and kept walking around the park.  We got to sniff lots of other dogs, I love that, and got to say hello to other doggie parents.  Everyone there was so nice!!   I really hope we get to go again.   The car ride home was a quiet one, not that it was far, but both Feta and I were pretty tired.  I forgot this, so funny, Amy hadn’t opened her car for us yet, as she wanted to clean Feta off first, so I went two cars down and jumped in that nice ladies vehicle.  Amy rushed right over and told me to get out.  I don’t see what the big problem with that was.  I love car rides and her car was open! 
While Grandma was here, we took some family pics (that is why we are all dressed in white 😉   I think we look pretty good, what do you think?  
I don’t know why the pics get all messed up, I hope you can figure out which ones go with each story. 
There are some pics of Amy taking us for a walk in our neighborhood.  There are some pics from me and Feta hanging out also.  There are two pics of Feta normal sleeping area.  She normally just sleeps near or on the bowl, but today it looked like she was holding onto the bowl for dear life.  I should be the one who loves my food bowl so much, but I don’t sleep next to it??   I have a silly sister. 
She wants to say hello:
Hey everyone, Feta again.  Did you see the pics of me in the water.  Next time I will get a pic of me swimming (Grandma didn’t get her camera ready in time)  It was so much fun.  I invite all of you to come see me swim. I am thinking of joining a team.  Maybe the Special Olympics has a doggie branch.  I would so win all blue ribbons!! 
Colby here again to sign off. 
We want to say hello to our friends over at
Check them out, they are pretty fun!!!
Love ya– Colbster

2 thoughts on “Visit from Grandma

  1. Sorry, Colby and Feta, that I didn\’t bring toys.  (like you have none 🙂   )
           Didn\’t realize that you would notice.  I will bring some the next time I
           I come down.       Love you both,   Grandma

  2. Hey Colbster — Thanks for the link!  I had The Typist add you to my links list today.  And, if you\’re ever in Dallas, let\’s play!  We have some off-leash dog parks around here, too, plus the backyard is a good size.  (The thumb-havers have been to Austin, but they haven\’t taken me with them.  Maybe someday.  I\’ve been to Granbury…)
    Cub and Angus (aka "The Boy")
    p.s. — hi to Feta!

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