Colby’s new talent and the truth about Feta!!!

Remember those pics (like the one you see here) of me standing on the side of the water, afraid to go in?  Yeah, not anymore baby.  I finally swam.  Okay so Amy grabbed my collar and took me to deeper water, but I swam back to shallow water.  Amy was so excited and so was I.  No longer am I the only non-swimmer in the house.  Watch out world, here I swim!!!  Oh, Amy didn’t have her camera this time– of course!!  So there will be pics and a video of me swimming soon.  Check out the video of Feta swimming and me watching that is on here right now!
Now onto the serious stuff.  We have discoverd the truth behind Feta’s past.  We always wondered what her life was like pre-dog-attack, but we never knew, until now!!!   Amy is going to type this, I don’t care so much about her past and wish somedays she was still in the past!!! 
Feta was a cat-burglar in her younger days.  She is always on the lookout for cats and does anything she can to get to one of them (fortunately for us, she is always on her leash, unfortunately for Lori, she sometimes twists her leash around Lori’s legs and goes on the other side of poles/mailboxes to try to knock Lori out so that she will drop the leash).  We thought at first she was just looking for the missing cat that was pictured on some of the poles around the neighborhood.  Yeah, we thought the same thing, how nice of her.  But then….  everytime we hear sirens, Feta runs, trying to get away from them, perhaps to try to HIDE from them???  Maybe, yes we think so.  We also came to the conclusion that Feta changed her name from Camembert to Feta.  Camembert, was working for the southPAW(Pooches Against Whiskers) posse in San Antonio.  Her group of friends there, were getting good at what they were doing, but also well known the area.  Some of the dogs from the group had gotten caught earlier in the month, and Feta, afraid to get caught, changed her name and her appearance. Yes, I said her appearance.  What I thought to be a brutal attack by a vicious pitbull, was actually an attempt to disguise herself from the police.  The pit was a  PAW member and they made the whole thing seem like an accident.  They almost blew their cover by looking like they were playing in the beginning, but saved it by the viciousness of the attack.  I must say that is an extreme way to disquise yourself, but a southPAW has to do what a southPAW needs to do to save the group. 
So now the truth is out, and we are putting Feta into treatment to try to erase her memory of her past.  They do it in the soaps all the time, I am sure you can do it to dogs also??  All of us, besides Feta, are a little nervous.  Since we are harboring a fugitive, we could get into trouble.  This treatment needs to work and work fast. 
Feta doesn’t know that we know that she knows we know that she knows!!!
Or something like that, so keep this on the downlow!  We need to get her help so that we can stop this madness, before it spreads throughout the world!!!
I think Feta was pretty high up in the ranks of this southPAW group, but there may be others.  If you see any dogs chasing cats stay away.  They could be armed (well legged) and dangerous!  And please don’t call me about it, I don’t want Feta to be suspicious of anything (and I don’t want anymore dogs). 
Colby sends his love to everyone and says that Feta, who is zonked out in the livingroom, says HI and MWAH to everyone!!!

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