I want your help

Alright blog readers, dog lovers, cheese lovers.  I want you to help me with this blog.  I know there is a bunch (okay maybe 10) people who read this blog, but I hardly get comments from any of you.  I am not sure if you are just having troubles commenting or if you just don’t comment.  But I want your comments. 
Here’s the deal.  I have put up 12 pics, with no titles.  I want you to name the pics for me.   All I ask is for you to put the number in front of the title you made up, that way others can tell which pick you are talking about. 
Have fun!! 
 Love — ColbyJack and Feta
P.S. if you are having difficulties commenting, you can e-mail your comments to wistex77@yahoo.com.  I will post them for you. 

3 thoughts on “I want your help

  1. Pic 1-  This is so comfortable, Amy if you even think of moving I will lick your toes while you\’re sleeping.
    Pic 2-  Next on Ripley\’s Believe it or Not– a dog with two thumbs growing out of its mouth.
    Pic 3-  Look at my hair, I\’m beautiful!!!!
    Pic 6-  Who ever thought swimming could be so tiring?
    Pic 7-  What are you looking at?  You act like you\’ve never seen someone using a football in a bowl as a pillow before.
    Pic 9-  I\’m cold, Leave me alone.

  2. Pic. 2  It may look silly, but it feels so gooooood!
    Pic. 3  For Halloween, I\’m thinking of dressing up as New Year\’s Eve.
    Pic. 6  We\’re practicing hard for the upcoming synchronized passing-out competition.

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