Silly, sleepy, naughty, and some nice!!!!

Hey everyone, it has been awhile, but I was hoping to get some more comments on the last blog.  I guess y’all are readers not writers.  That’s fine, I will do the writing.  Since I wrote last, Amy has gotten a job.  YES A JOB!  She is working in a school, but not teaching (Austin hates her and Lori, since it didn’t give either of them the jobs they wanted)  So we don’t get to see either of them during the day.  Well Aunt Lori, does come home for lunch some days and she lets us in for a while!!  Since Amy has the day job, she takes us to the park at night now.  It is pretty much the same as the day time, it just has a few more people there, which makes parking difficult.  But I don’t know why that even matters– who cares where you park, drive by and drop us off already lady!!!Jeepers!!!!   For some reason, Amy doesn’t want to just drop us off, we have to stay near her in the parking lot.  I guess it the least we can do, since she does take us to the park.  I have attached some pics from the park, and the new video is of Feta and me swimming out to say hello to some kayakers.  They were so excited to see us and pet us.  It was fun to swim out to them.  Amy also made us take pictures with her.  Doesn’t she know that we have things to do, butts to sniff, bushes to pee on!!!  Geesh… what was she thinking.  At first we refused to take the pics, she would get one of us, and the other would run away, so she got pics of us seperately.  Finally Lori helped her and got both of us on the rock and quickly took the pic.  Aren’t we cute. 
The other pics are of me (Colby) wearing a balloon hat that Amy got from the carnival she went to.  It is a frog on a lilypad– I was so excited to be wearing it….. can’t you tell by the enthusiam in my tone of typing ??   grrrrrrr……
There is also some pics of Feta showing off how she can take up three pieces of furniture at a time!  She thinks she is so funny when she does that.  She is also showing how I like to sit on the ottoman.  Her legs aren’t quite long enough to do exactly like me, but she is trying. 
The other pic of her is of her in Amy’s (used to be) flower bed.  The fencing was put up to keep Feta out of the flowers, as you can see, it didn’t work.  You can also see that there are no flowers.  Why you ask???  Feta has pulled all of them out.  Amy tried to replant them, and two of the four were doing pretty good, but then Feta got back in there and finished those two off also.  Amy was not happy with Feta at all.  I wasn’t happy with her either.  The flowers made the backyard pretty.  Feta loved the flowers, I think.   But I think she loved them so much, she wanted to play with them.  She just didn’t know that playing with them would kill them.  That or she wanted to eat them??? I am still not sure! 
Some other stuff that has happened that didn’t get caught on film.  I brought Aunt Lori a present one afternoon, when she let us in, I dropped half a bird at her feet.  I was so proud of my present for her.  And do you know what she did with it???  She threw it in the outside trash can.  HOW RUDE.  I picked out the perfect color, shape, size just for her, and how does she thank me?  She should have just smacked me, at least then I would still have my prize!!! 
Then one night, while Amy was at her 2nd job (yes, she had to get a second job to pay for us– hehe)  Feta was outside barking and growling.  Feta rarely barks, normally it is at me, she is a silent dog for the most part.  So Aunt Lori got her flashlight and went outside to see what she was barking at.  It was an opposum.  Feta barked it up the tree!! She was so proud of herself, and she wanted to stay outside to make sure it stayed there, but Aunt Lori made us come inside, in case it came in the yard or something.  We tried to tell her that we would chase it away, but she wouldn’t let us stay outside.  Maybe next time, it will come around when both Amy and Lori are gone!  What fun we will have then.
Feta wants me tell y’all HI and gives everyone a big sloppy kiss!!  She is too tired to walk over to the computer tonight.  But she sends her love through me!! 

One thought on “Silly, sleepy, naughty, and some nice!!!!

  1. Hi  Colby ,Feta and Amy  that was a cute story …..  Glad that everyone is adjusting to their new home …   Feta  you need to stay out of Amy\’s flower bed  bad dog !!!!  hahahaha     Colby  you are really a swimmer now  good boy ……    Have a Great Weekend …….

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