Happy Halloween

We knew that you would all be on the edge of your seats waiting to see our costumes!  Well here they are!   Do you like them?  Amy decided to dress us the same, boring I know, but cute?  Right??   So we started out with cheesy names, and now we are CHEESE!!   AHHHHHHHHHH !!!! Will there be no end?  Probably not, but we still love Amy.   As you can see by some of the pics we really didn’t enjoy this dressing up thing.  I am not even looking at the camera on some of them, and if you could see my cheeks, you would see how red they are!  Feta on the other hand, didn’t like it at first, but then started to show her HUGE smile (okay so everything she does is with a huge smile).  Oh and I am smiling on at least one of them, don’t tell Amy, but I did enjoy it a little.  Amy promised us that if we stood still long enough, she would take a pic in the costume.  HEHEHEHE— She looks funny in cheese!! So enjoy the pics, because this will be the only time you see us in those costumes, they will not be going back on!!!!  
We love you all– and can’t wait to see most of you at Christmas!!  
Love ya– ColbyJack
P.S. FetaMae is sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her!!  She can’t bite my ankles when she is sleeping!  

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