Feta’s 1st Birthday Party

Hey everyone, I finally turned one!!  Can you believe it?  I had a really good day.  Unfortunately, my Mommy had to work all day, both jobs,  but she gave me good treats when she was home and she brought me a new fuzzy frog toy.  I have yet to destroy it, but give me a little free time, the froggy won’t know what hit him!!
I also just got two more presents today.  One was a rain poncho, for when I move to the beautiful state of Washington (or at least I hear that it is beautiful), and the other is a new bed.  It is soooo comfy, you should come over and try it out sometime!!  I promise you will not be able to keep your eyes open!! 
Anyways, enjoy the pictures of my party, all the toys joined in on singing me happy birthday!! Those toys are so silly and sweet.  
Oh I also want to thank Joe, for buying me the fun new floaty ball, well it was two balls, but Colby got one of them.  Thank you so much, I can’t wait to go to the park to try them out!! 
I love you all.
Hugs and sloppy kisses, okay love you, byebye!!
P.S. Colby says HI– he let me write the entire blog, since it was my birthday.   Thanks Colbster!!
P.P.S  Amy wanted me to include these pics of her and her boyfriend– Joe!!  She seems to really like him, I personally think they make a cute couple and I can’t wait for him to come here so I can lick him!! WOOHOO

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