Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!! 
Feta and I got to travel to Wisconsin with Grandma and Mom.  Grandma flew down so that she could help Mom drive us to Wisconsin.  It was a long trip, but Grandma and Mom said we did really good.  I complained a little bit, but that was only when Feta was taking up the whole back, not leaving me much room to lay down.  Grandma or Mom would then push Feta over a little, to give me some room to lay down.  As you can see in the pics, Feta and I were very tired all the time.  I think that we slept for most of the trip, getting up only to make sure Mom was there, to look out the window, and to get out and stretch and … you know!!!!  A couple of times I used Feta’s butt as a pillow, and she used mine- see pics!!  
We finally made it to Wisconsin, and we were very happy to be out of that vehicle!!!  I was so happy I kept giving Mom kisses (see pic).  Even though we were next to each other during the 19 hours trip, Feta and I still wanted to cuddle on the couch.  She loves me so much, and I tolerate her some!!   In the mornings, Mom took Feta and I on a walk around the field.  We loved all the new smells, we found lots of deer tracks, but they didn’t leave any goodies for me to eat.  Mom was happy about that!!   We also got to see our first farm animals.  Mom called them horse and donkey, but they looked like huge dogs to me??  I was afraid of the huge dogs, but Feta, being the loving dog she is, wanted a closer look.  She walked almost all the way up to the fence and was going to go closer until the littler of the two dogs heehawed and the bigger one neighed.  Those big dogs sure do have funny voices, but they scared both me and Feta.  We ran right over to Mom, and she said it was okay and let us look at them from a distance.  We also got to play in a huge backyard.  I became a retriever, everything that was thrown, I fetched.  I got lots of good toys for Christmas to fetch also, I will tell you about them later.    Feta would fetch for a little bit, but she was more interested in the tall grass on the edge of the lawn.  She was trying to catch the mice that were running around in there.  She never got one, but she kept trying!!!  Feta was also very interested in the geese across the road.  Once she actually ran halfway across the road, only stopping because Mom got very close to her.  After that, she was not allowed off the leash, when near the road!!  I however did not get in trouble, I listened to Mom all the time, I am such a good puppy!!!   WHATEVER COLBY, JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE MOMMY’S LITTLE BOY, DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE GOOD, I AM GOOD TOO, I JUST WANTED TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE GEESE!! 
Christmas was good for us this year.  Christmas Eve, we were locked down in the basement, which we didn’t like until Mom gave us bones to chew on.  I chewed up my bone and then went to sleep, but Feta chewed her bone, then went on and chewed the spout off of one of Grandmas watering cans.  Grandma said it was okay, but Feta felt really bad.  Sometimes, I don’t think she can help herself, maybe she should go to chewer’s anonymous.  Christmas morning started with a walk, and then we got to open our stockings.  We got lots of goodies, treats and toys!!  What more could you ask for??  Grandpa even gave us scratch tickets.  Feta won a dollar, we bought two little treats with that dollar!!  Yummy.    Then GreatUncle Elmer, GreatAunt Joyce, and Paul came over for Christmas dinner.  We didnt’ even get any table scraps (okay, so we never do, but I was hoping).  We did get some good chewies!!  Paul said I was huge and had a great block head, I think that was a compliment, I said thanks anyway!! 
Uncle Jim and Mom took us to a walking path.  On our way back, Uncle Jim took off running with me, it was sooooo much fun.  I love that guy.  Feta was with Mom and didn’t get to run (Mom says she is allergic to running).   That night we slept all night.  Oh and talking about sleeping, we (me) slept on my bed all night.  I didn’t join Mom at all.  She was so proud of me and happy since she had to sleep on a twin bed!!  She also let me be her lap dog a bunch of times.  I love my Mommy!!!  I LOVE MY MOMMY TOO, BUT I DON’T LIKE TO CUDDLE SO MUCH, BUT SHE DID LET ME GIVE HER KISSES.  THANKS MOMMY!!!
One day we got to meet our cousin Bergen, he was so cool and fun.  GreatAunt Sue, HI SUE! LOVE YOU!!!  brought down her hubby, and kids and grandpuppy for us to play with.  As you can see by the pics, we had a lot of fun.  Bergen was really fun to chase and play with.  I wish we lived closer so we could play all the time.  But he lives in Colorado, he gets to play in the snow all the time!   By the way, Wisconsin got NO SNOW!! We were there for 2 weeks and didn’t see any snow (except for the leftover piles on the side of the road). 
One day, Mom left us for a couple hours and then showed up later with a man?? His name was Joe.   We were very confused, but Mom seemed to like him, so we liked him too.  In the morning, Joe gave us our Christmas presents, flying chuck-it frisbees.  WE LOVE THEM.  He took us outside all the time.  One day after playing Joe and Feta got tired, so Joe sat down and Feta fell asleep, head in Joe’s hand.  Well Mom decided to join them, and then I wanted to join.  So I squished in on the end of the love seat!!   Joe gave Mom a shiny ring on New Years Eve.  She was really excited about it and so was everyone else.  People then started saying that Feta and I will now have a Dad.  Well as long as he keeps playing with us like he did in Wisconsin, he can be whatever he wants to be!!
So we were having a great time in Wisconsin, even though there was no snow.  We got used to where everything was, Feta finally mastered the stairs.  We just got used to napping with Grandpa, etc…. and what does Mom do???  Makes us get back into the car and drive back to Texas!!  HOW RUDE!!  So we drove back the 19 hours, but this time we did it in one day!!   Got back to our house and went to bed.  The next day, Grandma and Mom took us to the park, so we were very happy to be back.   Feta got to swim, I got to show off my mad catching skills!!  All was happy. 
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year, and make sure you keep checking back on our blog.  Come June, we will be making another very long trip, but this time we won’t be coming back to Texas.  We will be moving to Washington state.  Don’t worry about us in the rain, we love it.  YEAH, I LOVE THE RAIN, I GET ALL WET AND GET TO SPLASH IN THE PUDDLES, AND WALK IN THE MUD AND YEAH I LOVE IT!!  RAIN IS FUN!!!
Love to all,
ColbyJack and FETA MAE

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