This is what happens when….

… you try to be nice to your dogs, who may freeze outside because it has been raining and cold and freezing outside for a week. 
So I thought I would be nice and put out one of the beds for the pups to sleep on one day.   It was maybe 35 degrees out and off and on rainy.  Yes, I knew that the bed would get dirty, but I put a sheet over it to help keep some mud off, and yes, the bed has a seperate layer that you can unzip, take off, and wash!!  I thought that I had thought of everything.   Well I guess I didn’t. 
I come home from work to find this…   (see pics)  Yes, that’s right, stuffing everywhere, and two very muddy pups.  Yes, the dogs, tore a huge rip into not only the top layer, but also the second layer and got stuffing everywhere (luckily it stayed in the porch).  I still don’t know which dog did it, but I have my suspisions.  Feta does love to chew and tear apart things, so could see her doing it.  BUT…. that was Colby’s bed, and he hates that I make him sleep on that at night (which only lasts until I am sound asleep and he quietly sneaks on the bed, and I find him in the morning taking up 2/3 of the bed).  So he may have decided that if he destroyed the bed, he wouldn’t have to sleep on it again, EVER!!   
Well, he was wrong.  I picked up all the stuffing and shredded fabric, as the dogs sat in the corner.  I brought the stuffing in, scattered it in the spare bedroom to dry.  I washed the shredded bed, and then proceeded to sew up the tears.  I must say they are excellent shredders.  The tears on both were pretty much straight down the back of both pieces.  Let me know if you need someone(dog) to shred things!!!  After I finished sewing, I stuffed all the stuffing back in and voila…. just like new, well almost!!  
So no more mister nice Mom.  Rain, sleet, snow, what have you, I will not put any sort of warmth out for these two monsters.  They will suffer the consequences at least until I forget about this and then do something nice for them again, which, of course, they will not appreciate, AGAIN!!!!
Take notice that neither Colby nor Feta got to write on this blog.  They are both grounded from the computer for awhile.  Colby’s 2nd Birthday is coming up in 20 days, I think then I may let him back on! MAYBE!
Also, after I cleaned up the bed, I had two very muddy puppies to clean.  I have included a pic of muddy Feta!! 

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