Happy 2nd Birthday ColbyJack

Today is my 2nd Birthday.  Happy day to ME!!   Mom woke up and fed us, she gave me an extra scoop of food this morning.  Then I got to play with Feta all day.  We played so hard in the morning, that when Aunt Lori came home for lunch, both Feta and I were sleeping outside.  We were too tired to even come inside and sleep on the couches!!  Then after our lunch naps, we played some more.   Our neighbor dogs really like to talk, so we talked to them a lot.  When Mom came home, she had a present for me.  A BIG BEGGIN BACON STRIP!!  YUMMY.  What more could I ask for??  Well I could ask for more food, but…..    Feta was very sad that she didn’t get a big piece of bacon to chew on.  Mom gave her some other treats, but she didn’t want them, she wanted the bacon.  She did get to eat the pieces that I dropped.  So, when I finished the bacon strip, I ate the treats that Mom gave to Feta.   AND THEN….. Mom fed us our dinner, which I got an extra scoop of.  It was a great food day!!! 
Mom and Aunt Lori, took us for our nightly walk, but we went early tonight (it was still light out).  Then Mom played with us after we took our after dinner naps. 
All in all it was a great 2nd Birthday.  I hope that my 2nd year of life is as good as if not better (Mom says it will be better, since I will officially have a Dad in September). 
I love you all, and keep reading!!
LOVE — ColbyJack
Feta says Hi and she loves all of you and wishes that she could reach through the computer screen and kiss all of you.  Oh and to remind you that her 1 and 3 month b-day is coming up at the end of this month!!  Just to let you know!!!   HEHEHEHE

One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday ColbyJack

  1. Happy Birthday Colby Jack.  I miss you big guy and I wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with you.  Tell your mom and sister that I miss them too and I\’ll see all of you in "two weeks."

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