And then there were 3!!

I know most of you didn’t know this, but Feta and I did have two brothers that lived with us in the house.  Red Fish and Blue Fish (two Bettas) moved in about a month after we moved to this house.  They have been a great decoration to the house, but I really never paid much attention to them, they NEVER fed me, walked me, played with me, petted me, NADA!!!   Anyway, earlier this week, Mom went to feed them, and noticed that Red Fish wasn’t looking so good.  So Mom said "Red Fish, are you okay?"   Then she could smell that Red was not okay!!  He was actually belly up, to put it nicely.  So, Mom got out the fish net, scooped Red out and we all (Feta, Mom and I, Blue stayed in the tank– he needed a moment)  walked to the proper burial site.  We all said some nice things about Red, he was so beautiful, never said a bad word, never flipped a bad fin.  Mom said a little prayer and laid Red in the "grave."   Feta had the honor of flushing the gravesite.  We watched as Red made his way to the little fishy bowl in the sky!! Then in all her tactfulness, Feta said, "that was funny how Red went around and around.  Let’s try it again Mom.  Colby get in, see if you spin like that!!"  Mom thought it was quite funny, but I did not.  I cried to Mom and hid between her legs.  Feta flushed again just to see if Red would come back.  Mom now has to make sure all "gravesites" are closed so that Feta doesn’t try to flush it to see it spin around!!! 
Red Fish, we miss you buddy.  We all hope you have met some nice friends up there.  If you see Oscar or Hobbes, tell them Mom says HI!!! 

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