We are here!!!

Hey everyone,  we finally made it to our new home.   Daddy (that is what we now call Joe), flew down to Austin to help Mom pack and then drive the Big-SUV and trailer across the world to the Great NorthWest.  Vancouver, Washington is home now!! Feta and I love it.  Do you remember our last move to Austin, where I got pretty sick, well not this time.  Both of us were really good passengers and Mom and Dad were really proud of us!!  The trip was pretty boring though.  Driving through north Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and even the east side of Denver, were pretty flat.  We were excited to get to Denver to get to see the Rockies, and guess what??   STORMS.  We couldn’t see one stinking moutain, we could barely see the foothills.  We didn’t get really good scenery until we got into Utah, then we got to see the back side of the Rockies!! Then it was on through Idaho and Oregon and finally crossed the bridge into WASHINGTON!!!   Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Columbia Gorge and waterfalls– WE LOVE YOU!!!!  One day, we went over to Trillium Lake and Mt. Hood, that is where Daddy and Mommy are getting married. It was so much fun, Feta and I wanted to go swimming, but Mom and Dad wouldn’t let us.  Then we went up to Timberline lodge to play in the snow.  SOOOOOO MUCH FUN–see pics!!  The next day we went to Moulton Falls to go swimming in VERY COLD water.  Mom was chicken and didn’t get in, but Daddy went swimming with us.  It was cold, but we still had fun.
We didn’t get to move into our house right away– the people living in it (our landlords) were moving out still.  So we took the trailer up to Daddy’s parents house to store for a couple days, and then we went back to live at Daddy’s apartment for a couple days.  Finally on June 5th, we got to move into our house.  Feta and I love it.  It is a two story split level house, which means stairs, which I am super good at now.  Plus our front window is right at our level and we love looking out of it, especially Feta. (yeah– I love it, so much fun, birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, people!!  wow!!!  I am leaving nose prints all over the window for Mom to clean, you’re welcome Mom.  Okay I gotta go back to the window, love you byebye)  She really does love that window.   Our backyard is fun also.  There is no grass, but it is big and has a swingset and slide.  Both Feta and I have been up to the fort part and slid down the slide!!  It is so much fun!!
We are all getting adjusted to the new house nicely.  You need to come and visit us.  We love you all and miss those in Texas, but not the weather– it was in the 60’s last week, today is supposed to get toth 80’s.  So long hot, humid Texas weather, we will take this weather any day!!! 
Love you all,
Okay I am back– I love it here, I love the window, but I already told you that. I also love the backyard, I dig small holes in the dirt so that I have a comfy place to lay down in to get my suntan (when it is sunny)  I also love going for walks and the park, where Daddy runs around and we chase him.  So much fun. Come and visit us– we have lots of room, I will sleep on the loveseat and you can sleep on the couch next to me, so much fun– then I can just reach over to lick your face whenever I want– I love you, okay, byebye!!  — FetaMae

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