11 more days until Daddy becomes officially part of our family!!!

So sorry about not writing sooner, we have been busy this summer and with the wedding approaching quickly, I decided I should post before it gets even crazier!!!   So we have been in the GREAT NORTHWEST for almost 3 months now, and we love it.  Texas you can keep your crazy hot days, we will take this summer anytime.
We also have Dad full time, so Washington is way better than Texas, where we only got to see him every once in a while!  
Since we have been here, we have traveled many places and had lots of fun.  The first place we went was Lincoln City and the Pacific Ocean.  BRRRRRRRR.      

Feta and I love the water, normally. This ocean water was crazy, it kept moving in then moving out. Feta and I were a little nervous when it started to come in. We would go out with Dad and then as soon as a big wave moved in, we ran as fast as we could to get away from it. Sometimes Dad would hold us and the wave would splash right over the top of us!!! That was not fun, DAD!!

I finally got braver and would go out with Dad, but still tried to run away from the waves. Feta gave up pretty quickly and went and sat by Mom (who at the time didn’t have a wetsuit and there was no way she was going in that cold water without it. She now has one—here we come ocean!!)

A couple weeks later, Dad, Mom, Feta and I all went to the Columbia Gorge to scope out the waterfalls. We had so much fun hiking with Dad and Mom. There was this one waterfall that was way back, we had to walk up to it in the creek that it formed. At the beginning of the hike there was a 15 foot high log jam. We had to climb up and over the logs to get to the waterfall. It was pretty scary, but we made it, safely, and had fun swimming in the water and seeing the cool waterfall. We then had to climb back over the log jam to get back to the car—Mom was pretty nervous about us getting hurt, but we showed her that we were big dogs and could do it.

We then drove down the gorge and checked out a bunch more waterfalls. I have included some pics of the sights.

Dad and Mom sometimes are crazy, and decide late afternoon that they want to take us swimming. We have done this a couple times now. By the time we get to the swimming hole, it is about 7-7:30pm and the temp. is about 68 degrees. BRRRRRR. Feta and I don’t know what these two crazy people are thinking!!! But we tag along and have fun anyway. Mom actually went swimming with us one time (sorry, no pics, you will just have to trust me). There is a pic of Dad and me swimming, Dad giving Feta a river water bath, Feta and me being mountain climbing dogs (okay, so they are big rocks, but hey I am a dog, everything is a little bigger to me)

Then there is also a picture of our family!!

I hope this fills you in on most of what we have been doing since we have been here. The next blog will be about Mom and Dad’s wedding, even though we are not invited… HOW RUDE!!!

Love you all!!!

P.S. Feta would have posted but she is outside getting a fur tan!! She thinks she is too white—See Pic.


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