HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE.  We hope everyone eats too much, spends time with family and gives thanks for all that you have!!  Feta and I will only be giving thanks.  Mom and Dad are going to leave us alone for Thanksgiving, while they go to Grandpa and Grandma F’s.  Mom did say that we were going to get a special Thanksgiving day treat, which is good, I do love me some food.  Feta and I really would have liked to have gone with though.  We love G&G F’s house, there is so much space for us to run around and for Feta to hide in.  Last time we were there, she went missing (she said she was hiding) for about 10 minutes.  Mom and Dad were not too happy with her.  So, I guess I could be Thankful to Feta for getting in trouble and now we have to stay here–THANKS A LOT FETA!!   grrrrrr.    (YOU’RE WELCOME BIG BROTHER!!! I LOVE YA) 

Feta and I read our Aunt Lori’s blog (  and decided to make our own list. 

Colby’s Thankful List:  I am Thankful for…..

1. a Dad who loves to play with me.

2. more food, the vet said at the last check-up that I was a little too skinny (told ya Mom) and so now I get a little over 3 cups of food each feeding (6 cups total per day!!!!!WOOHOO)

3. Mom who loves me even when I stink or throw-up in the middle of the night (Both have stopped, I am feeling much better now)

4. Feta, when she isn’t biting my legs or neck.  Sometimes she can be a pretty cool sister.

5. a dog park really close to our house, where I get to sniff all the butts I want. 

6. a porch with a roof, for the rainy cold days that we are having lately. 

7. Purina for making wet food that Mom bought us and tastes SOOOOO good.

8. Aunt Lori for sending us an e-mail.


Feta’s Thankful List:  I, FetaMae, am thankful for…..

1. having a really long tongue that loves to lick everyone.

2. Dad and Mom playing with me and cuddling with me. 

3. Colby for having 4 legs and a big neck that I can chew on.

4. the backyard and all the dogs that live around us, and the squirrels that come and visit, but they don’t stay very long for some reason.

5. the dog park that is filled with dogs and birds and squirrels and stuff for me to run and chase and be really really crazy!!!

6. PINKY PINKY ROO RAH!!  (which means have a greatsuperfantasticalwonderfullyhappy day)  I made that word up all by myself!!   

We wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.  If you have any leftovers you can send them our way! 

Love you, Colby and Feta


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