Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!   We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas Holiday. 

Hopefully y’all were as good as us, even though Feta did get into a small scuffle at the dog park.  Mom believes that the other dog may have tried to get on Feta’s back, because that is the only time that Feta ever is aggressive at the park.  I think Feta probably started it or said something to start it.   WHATEVER COLBY– YOU’D BETTER WATCH OUT OR I WILL BITE YOUR ANKLES, oh wait I do that all the time anyway.  HEHEHEHEHEH  🙂   I did get a small scratch by my eye that was bleeding for a while, pretty cool stuff.


Mt. Hood 


Mt. Hood road   


Mt. Jefferson and lots of fog.

Anyway– We took some pictures at Mt . Hood for our Christmas blog.  We wish you were all here to see how much snow there is on the mountain and all around it.  It is so much fun to play in.  YEAH, EVEN THE WATER BY THE SNOW IS FUN TO PLAY IN, WELL UNTIL MOM AND DAD YELLED AT ME TO GET OUT.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE BIG DEAL WAS, I ALWAYS PLAY IN THE WATER.  I AM A WATER DOG.  Feta, that water had ice on some parts of it, Mom and Dad didn’t want you to be a frozen pup-sicle (HEHEHEHEHE).  I thought it would have been hilarious, you frozen in the water, and me warm and comfy with Dad and Mom.  That would have been a wonderful Christmas present.  Oh, sorry Feta, Mom is making me apologize for saying that.  I don’t wish you were a pup-sicle, I really do like you as a sister.  THANKS COLBY!! I LOVE YOU TOO, EVEN THOUGH MOM MADE YOU APOLOGIZE, NOW I WILL CHEW YOUR NECK.   Feta stop it, I can’t write with you biting my neck.  MOM– Make her stop!!  DAD– Colby is telling on me and won’t let me bite his neck– haha!!  

GUESS WHERE WE GET TO GO FOR CHRISTMAS???  Feta, I wanted to tell them this part.  TOO BAD, YOU WROTE ALL THE REST OF IT.  I PROMISE I WON’T BITE YOUR NECK FOR 10 MINUTES, or until I am done writing this.  WE GET TO GO TO GRANDPA AND GRANDMA F’S HOUSE.  WE ALSO GET TO PLAY WITH MCKENZIE (the girl who got to be the flowergirl instead of me, I STILL LOVE HER THOUGH)  AND WITH BO, SASSY AND SAMMI, those are McKenzie’s dogs.  WE EVEN GET TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN THE GARAGE WITH THEM , not McKenzie though.  HOW MUCH FUN IS THAT???  SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Colby is not too excited about it though, he likes sleeping by Mom and Dad, and they are sleeping inside.  BUT I AM GOING TO LOVE IT.  WOOHOO!!!   DAD SAID THAT GRANDPA MIGHT EVEN START THE WOOD STOVE FOR US!  HE IS SO SWEET.  I LOVE YOU GRANDPA.  OKAY, COLBY, STOP WHINING, YOU CAN TYPE AGAIN, and I can bite your neck again. 

After Christmas, Dad and Mom are going to leave us to go and visit Gramps and Gram, and uncle Jim.  We really want to go, but since we don’t make any money, we couldn’t afford plane tickets.   Whatever Mom and and Dad, just leave us to fend for ourselves, make sure you leave the food open so I can eat all the food, I mean feed Feta and Me!!!   They will have some pictures to post from their trip later. 

I should go, I am getting sleepy and the couch is calling my name!!   We love you and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


This is Mom and Dad— Colby and Feta, if you don’t stop fighting, Santa Claws will not be coming here. 


Love, Colby, Feta, Mom and Dad


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