Feta gets injured again!!!

On Thursday, Mom took Colby and Me to Petsmart to buy us more food.  We were having so much fun, smelling all the toys, food and other dogs.  We were very good also.  Anyway, about the injury, as Mom put me into the car (I can’t jump in by myself) she noticed spots of blood on the sheet (she puts a sheet in the back, so we don’t get the back dirty).  She saw that the blood was coming from my back foot.  I had somehow broke off half of my toenail and it was bleeding.  I didn’t really care that much, but Mom looked a little freaked out.  We went home and she started to play vet with my toe.  She brought one of her old socks and some tape and began to stick that sock on my leg and then tape it on!!  I looked silly and that really hampered my licking of the wound.  HOW RUDE!  She did call the vet, they said to put some baking soda on it to stop the bleeding and just let it heal on its own.  So now I am stuck having to wear this silly sock on my foot until it heals enough to not bleed!   Don’t worry though, I can still run on it and bite and play with Colby.  Here are a couple pictures of my "sock cast", isn’t it pretty??

Love you all lots.  Hugs and lots of kisses,







Hey everyone, Colby here.  The last blog was all about Feta, so I thought that this one should have some of me in it.  My life is going pretty good.  I can’t complain too much, I get fed (not nearly enough or fast enough) I get played with (never enough) I get good sleep (I would sleep better on Mom and Dad’s bed, snuggled between them)  and I definitely get enough love (yeah that one is good).



I love you all.  Guess what happens in 4 days ????  YUP, it’s my birthday!!  I am going to be 3 years old!  I am going to be old enough to drink, Dad said he was going to give me a beer for my birthday.   Mom gave him a dirty look after he said that.  I love you all and buy me something good. 

Love, ColbyJack



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