Hey everyone, Colby here.  It is already August and I realized I have only posted once this summer.  We have just been enjoying our summer and I guess have been too lazy to write a blog.  Sorry.  Things at Casa Frazier are really good.  You know, except that Porter is a bull dozer, Feta hasn’t caught a bunny yet, food is only given out twice a day, and I still haven’t figured out how I can sleep on Dad and Mom’s bed.  BUT… other than that, everything is good. 

Porter has settled down, somewhat.  He is learning how this house is run.  He is still pretty crazy, especially when we go outside to play.  He turns into a doggie bulldozer and tries to run over Feta and me.  He does a pretty good job of it too.  Every once in awhile we get to run him over.  He will learn his lesson one of these days.  Feta loves to wrestle with him though, so the lesson isn’t being learned too quickly.  I love to play tug-a-war with him.  His mouth is much stronger than Feta’s and he actually keeps tugging, unlike ADD Feta (she is easily distracted).  We have some video of us pups playing outside, Mom will add that later.


The house is looking really good. Mom and Dad added some much needed touches to the basement, above the front hall closet, and to the upstairs living room.  They hung all of their wedding photos in that room. 


Hey, it’s Porter.  I just want to say thank you to the Aunt Jenny and Cassie, Kenzie, and Katie (and Rich too) for sending us the awesome Barney toy.  I love my Barney toy.  We play tug-a-war with it, I chase it, I take naps with it, I sometimes even carry it all all the way upstairs to bed with me.  He is my best friend.  Mom keeps trying to get us to rip it to shreds but I say no, he is my friend, I don’t want to hurt him.  Then I start chewing on his head!!   Thanks guys!   LOVE YOU.  We have video of us playing with him, but haven’t got it off the camera yet. 



Hiya everyone, the cutest puppy in the world here again.  Isn’t that a super cute picture of me.  I have been having so much fun with Porter.  I have turned out to be a pretty good wrestler.  I can hold my own against that beast of a dog.  I have yet to catch a bunny, but while I am trying I am eating some very good bunny caviar.  If you come to visit, I will show you where they leave the good stuff.  Here is a picture of one of the hummingbirds that drinks at our feeders.  I am too busy looking for bunnies to even care that these birds are flying only feet from my head.  Plus they fly to fast for me to catch.  Mom and Dad love to watch them fly around and chase each other. 


Colby here again.  Summer is coming to an end, which is very sad for me.  Mom got a teaching job (PE again) and will be leaving us soon.  I am not going to like spending my days stuck in the backyard with the two crazies (HEY I READ THAT COLBY– I AM NOT CRAZY, PORTER IS—- hey thanks colbs and feta– I am a bit crazy, but I know you both love my craziness).   Before Mom leaves me, Grams and Gramps will be visiting us for a week.  I have missed both of them so much.  I can’t wait to show them our new house and backyard.  They will have so much fun playing with me.  I am sure we will have more pictures to show you after their visit.  Hopefully Mom will get those videos up and running soon also. 






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