End of summer

   Hi everyone.  Here it is September already and we have no clue where the summer has gone.     Lets start this blog with Gramps and Grams visit to WA.  They came at the end of August, and they had some beautiful weather to enjoy the scenery of this beautiful state.  We had a lot of fun playing with both of them and I know they had a lot of fun playing with us, I mean who wouldn’t love playing with us??  Gramps, Grams, Dad and Mom took a bunch of trips, without us!   They went to Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, and the Washington coast.   We took some family pictures with them while they were here. 


Grams got some pictures of the three of us dogs that may lead you to believe we like each other, but don’t believe the pictures, pictures lie!!!!!! 

Hiya cutie-pie people  Feta here.  Grams got a couple of good pictures of my favorite animals.  BUNNIES!!  She also took some pictures of us watching those pesky rabbits from the deck.  If only there was a way for me to jump off the deck, I would have caught those wascally wabbits and eaten their caviar!!   One of these days I will be as good as Porter and Colby and catch a bunny. 

Love you all, I am going to go hunt some more wabbits.  HUGS AND KISSES  MWAH 


Hi guys, Porter here.  I wanted to show you some of cutest pictures that Grams took while she was here.  I don’t know about you, but I think these are the only pictures that should be on this blog.  What do you think?  Oh I will also add one of Dad biking around the yard while we chase him.  That is a lot of fun.  You should really try it sometimes, except for when you almost don’t get out of the way quick enough and you think Dad is going to run over you, but then he just stops the bike or yells for you to GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!  There is also one of Gramps playing with all three of us.  It was fun playing with him.  


We were all very sad to see Gramps and Gram leave.  Mom and Dad will get to see them over Christmas, but we probably won’t see them again until next spring/summer. 

The weekend after they left, Dad and Mom had a wedding at the coast to go to and we were not invited.  So we got to stay at a puppy hotel for two nights.  It was a lot of fun.  Mom was worried that we wouldn’t like it, but we had so much fun.  The people there were really nice and let us play outside and even fed us.  We are going to get to go back there when Dad and Mom go to Wisconsin.  We are all very excited about it. 

Dave and Bridget had a cookout for all of the family two weekends ago, and invited us to join in the festivities.  We love going to this house (we pretty much love going anywhere as long as you are willing to take us and there is lots of land to run and explore)  This time (Colby and Feta have been there before) was extra fun and exciting.  First of all, there was lot of people to say hello to and pet us.  Then they had all this food that was just scattered everywhere for us to eat.  It was a smorgasbord of good eats.  Apples, oyster shells, deer caviar, fish skins and chips, oh and whatever else we could get our greedy little mouths on.  Porter definitely was the biggest pig of all of us.  He is the one who ate the fish skins, licked out the oyster shells and ate most of the apples.  Everyone at the party was certain that Dad and Mom would not have a happy puppy later that night/week.  But to everyone’s surprise, he and we were just fine.  Our stomachs are made of steal, nothing can hurt us (right??)

They also have a pond at the end of their property, which we all took advantage of.  Oh and it wasn’t a clean pond, we were pretty dirty after we wallowed in the pond.  Which meant a hose bath before we went home.

THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE NIGHT WAS WHEN WE GOT TO CHASE THREE DEER, NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT THREE TIMES!!  IT WAS SOOOOOOO COOL.  RABBITS HAVE NOTHING ON THOSE HUGE DEER.   The first time we saw the deer, well I should say when the deer were first spotted, Dad and Ken were trying to point them out to Porter and Me, Feta is actually the one who saw them first.  She started to sneak up on them and then once they saw her, they started to run off and Feta hit high gear and was on their little black tails like stink on Porter.  HEHEHE  Porter and I finally noticed what Feta was doing and took off after her and the deer.  We chased them all the way across the yard into to the woods.  SO MUCH FUN.  We were pretty excited to get to chase them two other times.  Then for the rest of the time we were there, we were on lookout for those deer.  Feta was pretty tired after her three speedy runs.  She did impress everyone with her three-legged quickness.  They didn’t know she was a speedster.  They actually said she outran us the first time and stayed with us the second time.  The third time she was dragging behind a bit, but she made it all the way to end of the field and back.  THAT WAS SOOOOO COOL.  We were all tired puppies on Sunday.  Not much activity out of us that day. 

This past Saturday, Dad and Mom took us swimming.  We haven’t been swimming in so long.  We got to fetch a ball that Dad threw out into the water for us.  Porter and I did all of the fetching.  Feta liked to swim a bit and then run up and sniff the weeds, then swim a bit and wrestle Porter.  There were a couple places that Dad threw the ball where water got deep really fast.  Which neither Porter or I knew about.  So we went running in after the ball, and plop, Colby under water and then later, plop, Porter underwater.  But we retrieved that ball and found our footing and kept right on going.  It was so much fun and very refreshing.  Feta and I haven’t played in water like that since we lived in Austin.  We have a bunch of pictures from this also.  Enjoy




That’s all for now folks.  There will most likely be another post later this month, that is if Mom reminds me to post again.  Love to all.  HUGS AND SLOPPY KISSES 


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