He’s here, he’s not here, he’s here, he’s not here… and now you want to add another??? MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!!!!


Hi all– Sorry I didn’t post at the end of last month, Mom forgot to remind me (and I kind of forgot to remind her).  Anyway, things have been pretty darn good as of the last post.  Not a lot has happened since that last post, except for the removal of Porter (woohoo).  Dad’s sister was thinking about getting a dog for her family (which consists of almost all adults) but she didn’t want a puppy.   She thought Porter would be a good addition to her family.  Dad and Mom discussed this decision at length and in the end, decided that it would be best for everyone if that were to happen.  So about 2 weeks ago, Dad and Mom went to Mindy’s (Dad’s sister) house to help set up the dog run in her back yard.  I guess they had a lot of ‘fun’  and we will see how well they did (meaning will it keep Porter in?)  Then about 3 days later Dad and Mom took Porter up to his new family.


They were pretty sad about Porter leaving, but at the same time, some stress left also.  For one, my stress went down about 10 million percent.  That night, I actually could lay on my back and make my talky noises and Porter wasn’t in my face annoying me.  Dad and Mom were very nervous about the fact that Porter is a chomper, meaning his mouth is always going in a chomping sort of way.  Whatever gets near the chomper gets chomped, not that anyone got seriously injured by it, but with pending arrivals, the chomper was not a happy thought.   The one that was really, really sad about Porter leaving was Feta, she had a lot of fun wrestling around with Porter.  Now she is back to chewing on my neck, but I am okay with that.  I never really minded it anyway, I just pretended like I did (but don’t tell Feta I said that). 

So, things have been much calmer around the house.  Mindy has also called to say that Porter is adjusting very well to their household, even though the cats may not like him much, she said the human family likes him a lot and are even leaning toward the loving him side. 

I mentioned earlier that there was a pending arrival coming to our house, and no, they are not allowed to bring another animal into the house, I have warned them numerous times.   The pending arrival is what they are calling the baby?  I am not sure what one of those is, since I don’t think that I have ever seen one.  I have heard a baby crying on TV, Mom lets us know that is the noise that will be filling our house come the end of April.  I am not sure that I am okay with that noise.  I think I would rather have Porter back?  Okay, maybe not, but I don’t know about this baby thing.  Dad and Mom seem very excited about it.  Mom does tend to take more naps, which is good for me and Feta, we love napping with Mom.  She doesn’t let us crawl on her belly though, which, hello, how am I supposed to cuddle on you without laying on your belly???   Gosh.  I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with the baby.  Dad and Mom said to tell you that they have seen one ultrasound of their baby about a month ago, and then yesterday got to hear the heartbeat along with some serious karate chops the baby was doing!  Next month is the real ultrasound.  Hopefully they will have some pictures of this thing they call a baby, so I get to see what it looks like.


It is getting late, and I am getting very sleepy.  Feta is already zonked out on the couch, so she will not be writing tonight.  I hope everyone is doing well and saving up money to come and visit us here.  The trees are turning into beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red, and the mountains are getting a fine dusting of beautiful white snow!! 


Love to all,

Colby and Feta (and Baby)


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