Feta and I hope you all have a safe Halloween this year.   Mom did it to us again this year, she made us dress up.  Feta, of course got the cuter of the two outfits, because she is the favorite girl (Mom says that all the time).   Here are the pictures.



Feta got to be a pirate.  Mom was going to make a peg leg for her to wear also, but Feta refused to wear it, so Mom never made it.  We all think she looks cute enough without it.  Do you see her super cute parrot?   I actually think Feta would make a great pirate, she already knows how to growl like a pirate.  She shows us that anytime anyone goes near her food. 

My outfit!!  I definitely didn’t choose this outfit, but it does fit my place in this family.   I was the first baby here, and I will always be Dad and Mom’s baby.  No dog or human baby can ever take my place.  If anyone tries to take my place, I will…. ummm… yeah… probably let them, but that is only because I am the baby, and babies never really get what they want.   So Mom thought it would be cute to dress me up as her baby.  Let’s just say I don’t want to be this kind of baby, at least not the one that wears a diaper and has a pacifier!!  

Anyway, this was a short post, we have to go, lots of kids to scare and candy to eat.  Oh Feta wants to say something.  

ARRRRRRR— HAPPY HALLOWEEN— LICKETY LICK!  HEHEHEHEH LOVE YOU PEOPLE.  Aren’t I super cute (I really did like the costume, I was just making that face to look more like a pirate).   I think Johnny Depp needs a sidekick, I would love to run around the Caribbean.  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN.  Next up Thanksgiving and hopefully some pictures of this ‘baby’ thing that Dad and Mom are so excited about.  Whatever it is better not be cuter than me or Feta, and it better not try to eat any of our food. 


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