Happy 3rd Birthday Feta

Yesterday was my 3rd birthday.  Can you believe how grown-up and mature I have gotten?  HEHEHEHEHE yeah right!  Me, grown-up and mature, NEVER!!!!!

Dad and Mom were home with me all day, they gave me almost all the love I need.  I also got to go outside a bunch of times and got a special birthday treat.  So far, my 3rd year of life is pretty good.  This last year has been a year of change for all of us.  We moved into a new house, which I LOVE.  It has my perfect backyard, one that it huge and has lots of bunnies in it.  We have also seen deer, cats, and lots of birds, so many animals, so few of me!   I also had a new brother (Porter) for a while.  He is now living with people who have cats, he is so lucky.  I sort of miss him bunches, he was always good for a fight.  I still have Colby here with me.  He has been a pretty good brother to me these last couple of years.  I totally rule the house, but every now and then I let my big brother protect me.  We also found out that Dad and Mom are bringing in another brother or sister, but we don’t get to see that one until next year sometime.  I hope this one doesn’t take up any of Mom and Dad’s love time for me. 

Here are the pictures of my 2+ years living with my awesome family. 

Getting home from the hospital a shy, cone puppy with 40+ stitches where my leg used to be.  I don’t miss that leg at all, it actually slowed me down a bit 🙂 

          Here are two pictures that show you how big I have gotten.  The first one is shortly after I became part of the family in San Antonio.  The second one is from last month, hiking near Mt. Rainier.  I almost look as big as Colby (he still has 40 lbs. on me)

Here is me showing Colby who is boss.

Here is one of my favorites of me (well actually all pictures of me are my favorite).


Mom and Me snuggling.

Colby and Me on one of our many hikes in the NorthWest.

Dad, Colby and Me biking.  I was dog tired in this picture. 

The best part about hiking or biking near water. SWIMMING!

Me giving Dad a kiss.

Hanging out with my two favorite boys.

Happy Birthday you cutie-pie puppy!!




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