Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to everyone.  I hope you all were good enough to get some great presents from Santa.  Feta and I got an awesome present, I will tell you about that in a bit.  Let’s start with Dec. 12,  that is when Mom and Dad were heading to the beach to go clam digging.  They dropped Feta and Me off at the doggie hotel and then they headed to the beach.  The whole drive there was very windy with a mix of rain and snow.  They were not looking forward to freezing their butts off at the beach!   They made it safely to the beach and actually had a lot of fun digging up clams, that was the first time Mom has done it and she really enjoyed it even though she doesn’t eat clams.  It started snowing Saturday night and all day Sunday.  They had to cut their trip a bit short and head back through the blowing snow to pick us up.  We were very happy to see them (we are always happy to see them).  From there we headed home in the snow, which turned to rain luckily.  That night it got just cool enough to start snowing again.  Dad and Mom were a little worried about driving down the hill to get to work.  Dad made it to work fine and Mom got the call that school was closed (WOOHOO).   The snow stopped that night, but temps were still below freezing and roads were a bit icy.  Dad made it to work again Tuesday morn.  and Mom went to work, but had a 2.5 hour delay to the day (so she technically didn’t work a whole day only half a day).  That night the snow started again.  Dad didn’t have to work on Wed, and Mom got another call saying school was closed for the day.  The next two days were about the same.  Snow was falling, Dad made it safely to work both Thurs. and Fri., while Mom got two more calls saying school was closed for the last two days before Christmas break.  So she got to work 1 half day during what was supposed to be a 5 day work week.  She was actually a little bummed about it, she now has to make those snow days up later in the year. 
Saturday morning, still snowing (we have about 8-10 inches of snow now) and Mom and Dad drive Feta and Me up to the doggie hotel again.  They then head over to Grandpa and Grandma’s house to have their early Christmas with the family.  They stay their for about an hour, watching the weather get worse.  They say goodbye and Merry Christmas to everyone, and head down to Portland to the hotel they are going to stay at for the night.  They wanted to stay at this hotel because it was close to the airport (oh, they are headed to Wisconsin for Christmas, did I forget to tell you this?) and it had a shuttle to the airport.  They made it to the hotel safely.  The trip down took almost 45 minutes longer than usual, and they saw about 5 cars in the ditch.  They got their room and tried to warm up for the ONE night stay.  All night they kept watching the weather get worse and worse, worrying about their flight the next day.  They fell asleep that night and woke up to…. more snow and freezing rain.  Their flight was supposed to leave at about 1pm.  All morning they kept their eye on the news and weather watching it get worse and seeing lots of morning flights get cancelled.  At about 9am, they got the call that their flight was cancelled.  Mom was very sad, she really wanted to get home for Christmas to see her family and for her family to see the baby bump.  Dad was on the phone for a long time trying to see what they could do.  Two choices, cancel the flight completely (with a full refund) or leave on the 23rd (Portland – San Diego – Chicago – Madison).  Knowing that the midwest was supposed to get some bad weather soon, they finally decided to cancel the whole trip.  So then they had to decide what to do for that night, they are still in a hotel room.  They decided to keep the room for another night, since there was freezing rain coming down everywhere they would have to drive.  They were bored out of their minds.  They actually walked to the hotel next door to buy some playing cards to pass the time.   They were a little worried they may have to spend another night in the hotel.   The next morning (22nd) they woke up and decided they couldn’t take the small hotel room anymore and packed up and left.  They then spent at least 30 minutes clearing the truck of the snow and ice that was layered on it.  The drive to pick us up was not too bad, considering what they had to drive in going down to Portland.  
We all made it safely back to our house that afternoon, hoping to not have to drive on the roads until Christmas Eve.  This is where Feta and My Christmas present came from.  Dad and Mom got to have Christmas with us, instead of us being stuck in the doggie hotel . 
The weather stayed very cold and a bit snowy throughout the week, making the trips for Christmas Even and Christmas day challenging.  Mom said Dad is her driving hero and very thankful that he got them everywhere they needed to go safely. 
The good news from all this snow and ice.  We got to play in the snow and even go sledding down our hill.  Feta and I had so much fun, especially when Dad made some paths for us to run around in the backyard.  The snow was at least a foot deep and Feta had a really hard time running in it.  She appreciated the paths the most.  We helped Dad build an igloo one day and then build and destroy a snowman the next day.  We love snow and wish it could stay here all the time, but only on the grass, not the roads.  Did you know that snow tastes really really really good.  Feta and I were eating it like doggie treats, we just couldn’t get enough of that sweet white stuff.   Mom took tons of pictures, so I will say goodbye for now and let you enjoy our pictures. 
Happy New Year everyone. 
The first pictures are of our new brother or sister and what Mom looked like on 12/7/08

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