Happy 2009 everyone.  Feta here, Colby let me type this one since he got to type the Christmas one.   Colby and I got to ring in the New Year with Dad and Mom, sort of.  We are all sleeping, but at midnight, some of the neighbors set off fireworks, which woke us all up.  We wished everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR and went back to sleep.   This morning we woke Mom up to let us outside and we were surprised with about an inch of snow.  I was SOOOOO SUPERDUPER EXCITED.   I can’t believe we have snow again.  I LOVE SNOW!!   I turned into crazy snow Feta again.  I really wish this stuff would stay around forever.   Mom made us come inside and eat (I didn’t want to, but my stomach did).  We took our usual post breakfast nap (Colby and Me, not Mom) and then Mom got her snow gear on and went outside to play with us.  I was so excited, I didn’t know which way to go first, so I went everywhere.   Mom then got out the tennis ball shooter and Colby and I went nuts.  I had so much fun chasing the ball, picking it up and throwing it in the air.   I even got to eat the snow off of the ball, the snow would cling to the ball, which made it a little bit hard to find sometimes.   Then Mom brought out her camera, she loves taking pictures of us.  I wasn’t into pictures today, I just wanted to play play play play!   I hope this snow sticks around for a little bit, I don’t want it to melt like the other stuff did.  Mom said that it probably won’t be here for long, since the sun is shining and it is supposed to rain again soon.   She had a really big smile when she said the sun is shining,   I love the sun too, but not if it is going to melt my snow. 

Anyway, I got to go, the snow is calling my name.  Happy New Year everyone. 

Love ya lots !   Lots of licks to all.

Feta "the snow dog" Mae




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