4 years ago a very special puppy was born.  I can’t believe that it has been 4 years since Colby was born.   It doesn’t seem possible that he has been with me for that long already.  The last four years have gone by so quickly and Colby has changed so much.  He started out as an 8 pound bundle of cuteness, he is now almost 100 pounds of big dog.  He is still a cutie, he still loves to cuddle, and he definitely loves to play (and eat).  Colby is a great big brother to Feta, even though he would rather just play with us (or any human) he does have a good time with his sister.   I know that he will be an awesome big brother to the baby that will join us in a couple months.  He is going to be very jealous at first and probably pretty confused and maybe annoyed with the noises, but I know he will get over that quickly.  He will probably be a big protector of the baby.  I could even see him getting selfish and not letting anyone play with his baby.  



Hi everyone, Birthday boy here now.  I have had a great 3rd year of life.  We moved into a new house, which has so much room for me to run and play.  There are lots of bunnies, dogs, and other critters for me to either chase or watch.  Dad has taken me on lots of bike rides this year.  I love riding bike with Dad, except for the times when he almost runs over me (that may be because I stop to make sure he is still following me).  I also had a brother for a couple months this summer.  Porter could be fun in some ways, but I know he is better as my cousin, than as my brother.  Mom said that we will probably get to see him more this summer, and maybe take him swimming with us sometime.  

I had a good birthday.  Dad and Mom both had to work so I didn’t get to hang out with them all day.  Mom gave me extra treats in the morning, and then an extra scoop of food for dinner.  Then Dad gave me treats after dinner and I got to play with him a bunch.  

I can’t wait for the weather to get nicer so that we can go biking and hiking a lot more.   I would love to have everyone come and visit me.  The more people that are here, the more I get to play.  WOOHOO

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  LOVE YOU



P.S.  Feta says Hi and love you all too.  She also sends lots of puppy kisses your way.  🙂


This is Mommy at 6 months pregnant– Our baby brother or sister will be here before we know it.


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