Spring brings good things!!

It is almost spring here and already good things have come to us.  The weather is getting nicer each week, which means more outside time for us.  Biking with Dad today was so much fun.  The time also changed, so more daylight at night means more play time outside with Mom.  The bunnies are also making their appearance.  You know how much we love to chase those hoppity-hoppities.   Unfortunately the ticks have also made their arrival.  Dad and Mom are not too happy about that.  Feta and I have promised to not let them ride on us anymore. 

For some reason, this spring is making Mom’s belly get bigger, which makes it harder to cuddle with her.  Her belly also moves around, which just freaks us out.  Dad and Mom also have been bringing home small clothes and items that we have never seen before.  Feta and I have put our sniffers in overdrive.  I know these things are here for a purpose, but I just don’t know what it is yet.  Mom does look cute with her basketball belly, but I miss cuddling on her lap. 

I have included some pictures of Feta and me, Mom and some of the stuff that we have been sniffing.  The next post should be after Grandma and Uncle Jim come here to visit.  We plan to have lots of pictures and fun with them.

I am thinking that one of these posts soon will show off the big surprise.  So stay tuned for more pictures.  Mom said that I am going to have to share my blog space with my new brother/sister.  I am still not happy that Feta gets to use this blog, so I am not happy with this information.   I guess I will just have to be the sweet dog I am and let the new one type a couple times.

Love to all of you

Colby and Feta


After one of our bike rides


Cross-stitch Mom made, Grandpa F. made the frame

Car seat, stroller and changing table

Bouncy seat and quilts made by family members

Feta’s outline on the frosty deck

Hiking with Dad

Mom at 30 weeks


Mom at 33 weeks




2 thoughts on “Spring brings good things!!

  1. Looks like you\’re getting ready. It\’s a beautiful cross-stitch (and frame) but I wouldn\’t expect any less of you! And I love the frost outline! Great picture!Opie is right here of course. He says hi to the puppies. From a safe distance. Calvin says to tell them he\’s still in charge of them. And he misses you.

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