Last month before the little one joins us.

April is/was (depending on when you read this) the last month that we had to spend with just the 4 of us (Dad, Mom, Colby and Feta).  Soon our little brother or sister will be here, and I am sure it will cause all kinds of trouble.  

At the beginning of the month, Grandma Tessmer and Uncle Jim were here to hang out with us.  We had a lot of fun with them, when they weren’t driving to Portland and back.  They bought lots of little stuff and put it in that room that Mom said is the babies room.   I am still wondering what this baby thing is going to be.  Feta and I are very curious. 


Grandma and Uncle Jim at Byways cafe 


Dad, Mom and Uncle Jim waiting for their yummy breakfast.  If you ever make it to Portland, you have to stop in to try their amaretto french toast.

 We also took some family pictures.  Dad and Mom said that we did a really good job, we got some treats since we were so good.    




Uncle Jim, Mom and Grandma


Grandma flew all the way out here to feel the baby move, the baby didn’t let her down.

Dad took Uncle Jim on a bike ride and took us with them.  We all had a lot of fun and got really dirty, which we love to do.


Watch out, here we come.


Uncle Jim and us riding!!


Dad, Uncle Jim, Feta and Colby at the end of the ride    

Colby getting showered off after the ride.  


Tired and dirty Feta

Since Grandma and Uncle Jim have left, Mom and Dad have been working around the house.  Some of it to prepare for the little baby and some of it just to get done before baby comes. 


Large rocks at bottom of driveway.  Dad dug out all the grass around them (with help from the neighbors tractor and then added some river rock.  It looks so good.


Mom setting up some of the baby stuff.  Colby making sure she knows that he is still her baby.


Pictures of the nursery

Dad took Feta and me on a really long bike ride (almost 2.5 hours) and we were all pretty sore after that.  Especially Feta, it took her a couple days to recover.  That back leg wasn’t ready for that long bike ride.  She is doing much better now.


Dad and Feta recovering from their long ride.

Mom has been home from work for a week now, and we thought that we would get lots of playing time with her.  Unfortunately it has been pretty rainy and Mom waddles a lot, so playing has been minimal.

   Mom at 40 weeks (as of April 24th)

Dad and me wearing matching shirts.

 Feta’s ‘I didn’t do it look’.  Do you believe her?


Today is Mom’s original due date (April 24th was what the ultrasound measurements said the due date was), so Dad and Mom are waiting for the little one to arrive.  The next post will have pictures of this thing called a baby and of course us, it is our blog.  Mom asked me to ask you to wish her a quick and painless delivery, whatever that means.  

Love to all,

Colby and Feta


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