Our little sister, Abigail, is here…

… and we kind of want her to go back.


Who knew that Cinco de Mayo would bring about such a big change to our family of four.  Mom and Dad went out for Mexican food, to celebrate the day, and Mom said her tummy was not feeling right.  Dad ordered a margarita, I know how rude, drinking that in front of Mom when she couldn’t have one, and Mom said that it would be funny if she went into labor and then would have had to drive herself to the hospital (No Drinking and Driving).  They went home and Mom was starting to feel more pains, but thought nothing much of it.  She was sure that the baby wasn’t going to come on it’s own since it was almost two weeks overdue at that point.  She was going to be induced the next morning anyway.  Dad and her went to bed, to get one last good night’s sleep.  Mom laid in bed for about an hour, counting the contractions and feeling them more and more.  She then got up and walked around the house, dealing with the pain.  At about 2 am, Mom finally had enough of the contractions, they were right on top of each other at that point.  She went in to the bedroom to wake Dad up and told him to get ready, they needed to go to the hospital.  He was very excited.  He did however take time to shower, eat breakfast, and do a couple other things, until Mom said, WE NEED TO GO.  They got to the hospital, checked in, got their room and Mom got all hooked up.  The contraction monitor showed exactly what Mom was feeling, 1-1.5 minute contractions right on top of each other, she was also already 2 cm dilated.  Mom was very happy, she was going to be very upset if what she was feeling was false labor.  Mom was doing pretty good controlling the contractions, until her back started to hurt, consistently.  She then asked for the epidural.  Before she got the epidural she was 5cm and by the time the epidural was done she was 7cm.  By 8am she was fully dilated and ready to push.  Mom said pushing was harder than she expected, but she really didn’t know what to expect.  She yelled at Dad a couple of times, because he wasn’t fanning her enough (it was warm in there and she was working hard).  He said his arm was getting tired and he needed a break, Mom didn’t find him funny.  She did say that he was a very good labor coach, but next time they are switching jobs. 

9:31 am, Abigail Jean Frazier joined the world and made her Mommy and Daddy very happy.   She was 9lbs 2 oz., and 21.5 inches long.  She looked happy and healthy and Mom was very happy to be holding her little girl.  Dad watched her get cleaned up and then he got to hold her.  He was amazed that the little girl he was holding was his. 




Feta and I were very upset that Mom hadn’t been home for three days, we were very worried about her.  She seemed to be in pain when she left us, then Dad kept coming home and never brought Mom with him.  I thought maybe he got rid of her.  I love Dad, but, well, Mom is Mom!!   Three days later, Mom finally came home and we were very happy to see her.  Then we saw the little one. 

Sure she is cute and all, but boy does she take up a lot of Mom’s time.  I know Mom is trying to give us lots of love, but when she has Abigail with her, she has a hard time giving us her full attention.  Mom says that this will not be a forever thing, but I don’t know, it seems like forever already. 

Every time Abigail cries, I am right there by her side, wondering why she is making that noise.  Feta likes to mimic her, by crying with her.  

Feta crying with Abby 
 *** (This video disappeared and I can’t get it back on here.  Sorry– it was a cute one)***


Feta wasn’t sure what Abby was, she was very cautiously sniffing her.  She finally assumed that she was harmless, and went about her own business.

I was a little bit more curious about her.  I knew that she was something that I would have to protect and care for.  I don’t know how I will do it, but I will give it my best.

Here I am protecting her already.  Feta is still very cautious.

Protecting her and the monkey mat. 

Family photo—notice where my nose is?  NOT VERY MUCH IN THE PICTURE!!  You can see where we stand now.  (There will be a better family photo once we get someone here to help us take a picture of all of us). 

Mom giving her new BABY love, where is my love Mom?

I am guarding her room.  Every time Mom or Dad goes in there with Abigail, I lay outside the door.  We don’t want any strangers to enter her room.

Feta keeping her distance, safely away from the scariness/loudness that is Abigail. 

We are slowly getting used to the idea that she is part of our lives now.  No one seems to be coming to get her.  Dad says that we will have lots of fun with her when she is older.  We want to know when that will be, we don’t want to wait forever.  We want to play with her now.   Watching Mom and Dad spend all their time with her is really hard.  I try to get as close as possible to either of them when they are holding her.

I got to go… she is crying again, I need to see what is wrong with her. 

Love you all, you need to come and visit our little sister, and play with us.


One thought on “Our little sister, Abigail, is here…

  1. What a good big brother! I promise, big guy, I\’ll play with you when I get there. And your goofball sister, of course. I suppose I might hold Abigail a little too, but only so your mom can pay attention to you 🙂

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