Summer update

We have been pretty… ummm.. busy?  Ever since Abigail has been born, I haven’t really had much time to update my blog.  It is hard work being a guard dog (side note from Amy, Colby isn’t so much a guard dog yet, as a "I need to be close to Mommy or Daddy" dog).   Here is a summary of what we have done over the last 2 months. 

June – on the 6th Abigail turned one month old.  She has been gaining weight, but most of her growth is in length.  She is going to be long and lean like Mom, Dad and me, Feta isn’t so much long as shorter and getting leaner the more she loses her winter fur.  Feta and I have gotten more used to her being here.  Dad, his brothers, and his Dad put a roof over our deck.  Now Feta and I (mostly Feta) can go out on the deck whenever we want to, rain or shine.  Now we are hoping that we will get some steps so that we can go down to the grass from the deck.  Dad said that will happen in the future.  Grandma came to meet Abby and watch her for the three weeks that Mom went back to work.  It was great to have her here again.  She got bit by a dog when she was taking Abby for a walk one day.  The dog that bit her was the same one that kept trying to attack Feta and me.  We haven’t seen the dog since that day.  We are sorry that Grandma got bit, but happy that the dog is gone.  Kristin and Matt came to visit us for a weekend.  Kristin had an interview for a job in Vancouver (she got the job—woohoo).  We had fun with them.  We got to go biking with Dad and Matt.  So much fun.    Abigail, Grandma and Mom went up to Mt. Hood.  This was the first time that Abigail has been to a mountain.  She was a very good little climber.  We also had some of Mom’s family come visit us.  We had 7 extra people in our house, which means 7 extra people to give us some love and play with us.  One of the guests was a very little person, just a bit bigger than Abby.  He was pretty fun at first, because he was at our level, easier for us to sniff and kiss, but then things changed.  He started to move around fast and got sort of loud and well, Feta and I did what we could to distance ourselves from this kid.  At one point, this kid had the nerve to sit on me, right on my front shoulders (see picture), and you know what the grown-ups did, they laughed at him.  I was so scared of what he would do to me, I just laid there and didn’t move.  I was hoping that if he thought I was dead, he would get off of me!!  Instead of getting off of me, he actually decided to move closer to my head and he tried to suffocate me (side note from Mom- Dylan did sit on Colby’s shoulder, but he accidentally slid down to Colby’s neck and his Grandpa took him off right away, he did not try to kill Colby.  Colby can be a bit over-dramatic at times).   Other than that death-defying moment, it was great to have the family there and we were all a little sad to see them leave so soon. 


July–  On June 30th Mom, Grandma and Abby left for Wisconsin.  This was going to be Abby’s first plane ride and Mom was a little nervous.  She was hoping that Abby would be a good baby and not cry on the airplane.  Abigail was a perfect traveler.   This left us home with Daddy, and although we missed Mom (and Abigail) we loved hanging out with Dad.  Grandpa T and Uncle Jim finally got to meet Abigail.  They fell in love with her all over again.  I am sure that they really wished Feta and I were there also, but Abigail would have to do for now.  They will get to see us soon. Mom and Abby did not get a lot of rest on their vacation.  You would think this was because Abby didn’t sleep well at night, but it wasn’t.  Abigail actually decided that during this vacation she would sleep up to 9 hours at night.   What a good baby (why didn’t she do that at home, instead of waking us up?) The lack of rest was because of all the people that they wanted to see, which meant a lot of go, go, going.  Abby got to meet a lot of her relatives and Amy’s friends.  It was great to see everyone again.  They also had a baby shower/cookout for Abigail.  Abby got a lot of stuff, so much stuff, Mom couldn’t bring it all home with her.  Grandma and Grandpa will be bringing it here when they come in Sept. Abigail celebrated her 2 month birthday with donuts brought over by a cousin.  Can you believe she has been in our family for 2 whole months?  During this trip to WI, Abigail kind of did something cool.  She rolled over (sort of).  Before she left, she would lay on her belly and kind of rock around and even turn herself so she was facing a different direction.  Well one day, she rocked so hard that she rolled/fell over.  Mom was so excited about it.  I don’t know why rolling over is so exciting.  I can roll over, sort of, and Mom never got so excited about that!  Whatever Mom!!   Mom even tried to get a video of her rolling over, seriously  Mom, not that big of a deal, geesh.  Since then, she has rolled over 3 more times.  Abby also got her very first haircut by her Aunt Janet, she did a great job and Abby was a good little girl.  She also found her tongue, and now she can’t stop sticking her tongue out and playing with it.  It is pretty funny to watch her now.  Mom and Abby had a great trip, but were excited to get back to Dad, Feta and I, just as much as we were ready to have them back with us. 




We had fun taking pictures once Mom and Abby got home.  We have included some of our favorites. 


Hopefully it won’t take me another 2 months to update this blog again, but I can’t make any promises. We have Aunt Lori and Holly coming at the beginning of August, hopefully Uncle Jim will be here in August, and then Grandpa and Grandma T will be here at the beginning of Sept.  So many fun people, so little time to write. 

Love to all

Colby, Feta and Abigail. 


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