If Feta could drive a car…..from Amy’s point of view

Have you seen the commercial for Bud Light called Dog Training?   The one with the driving poodle.  Joe and I were talking about what it would be like if Feta were ever given the chance to drive.  We decided that would be a very bad idea, very bad.  Here is what we think would happen.  (This is not an advertisment for Bud Light– we are not promoting you to go out and buy Bud Light, we are hoping you get to see that commercial though, it is pretty funny). 

Setting the scene: Feta in the driver’s seat, checking the mirrors (not for seeing outside, just checking out her cuteness), setting the radio to her favorite station and buckling up (it is the law).  Colby is sitting in the front passenger seat.  He has already buckled up, checked the mirrors, and turned down the music (which Feta turns up as soon as he turns it down).  Colby is reminding Feta of all the rules of driving a car, she nods her head while chewing on a chew toy (Colby probably thinks she is listening to him, but she is nodding her head to the music).  Feta starts the car, trying to ignore Colby’s constant directions, and pulls out onto the street, squealing the tires.  Colby starts his crying and yelling at Feta; ‘”SLOW DOWN, YOU ARE GOING TOO FAST, FETA- YOU ARE GOING TO GET IN TROUBLE, SLOW DOWN.  FETA WATCH OUT FOR THAT.. FETA YOU JUST RAN THAT STOP SIGN.  FETA, I AM GOING TO GET SICK.  THAT’S IT, I AM MOVING TO THE BACK SEAT.”  Feta pulls the car over to the side of the road, right side of car is up on the curb.  “Colby, zip it you big chicken dog. Get in the back seat and stop yelling at me."  Colby quickly unbuckles and climbs into the back seat, where he buckles up and then wraps the blanket that is back there around his body.  He also puts his head between his knees, just in case he gets sick. 

Feta pulls of the curb and starts on her journey.  First destination, every dog in the neighborhood that looked at her the wrong way or said something rude to her or Colby.  She doesn’t want to kill them, just teach them a lesson and maybe maim them a little.  “Let’s see how well they handle being a three-legged dog!”  After she teaches the neighborhood dogs their lessons, she decides to go hunting for rabbits and kitty cats.  Once she spots one, she goes after it, whether it is on the road or off road, she assumes that since she is an ATP (all-terrain puppy) so is the car.  Once she feels satisfied in her hunting she gets back on the road and starts to head home.  She can’t stand the crying in the backseat, plus the smell is getting to her (Colby may have had an accident or two). 

Once back at home Feta gets out of the car and then has to help Colby out of the back seat.  Colby kisses the ground and then runs in the house to tell on Feta.  Feta strolls into the house like nothing happened.  She walks over to the deck door and plays princess.  She thinks her cuteness will get her out of the whole thing.  Once confronted with all that happened she will roll her eyes and blame the whole thing on Colby. 


Colby here now.  What do you think?  Can you see sweet little Feta doing that?   Yeah, she isn’t as sweet as she looks.  Things here in the Frazier household are going good.  Feta and I are not looking forward to the cold, rainy season.  We are hoping that it snows again so we can play in it.  We had a lot of fun last year.  Abigail is getting bigger and we are liking her a little bit more.  She is getting used to us and we are getting used to her.  She reaches out to pet us and even lets us give her kisses, which Mom stops very quickly. 

Some things thave happened since the last post.  Grandpa & Grandma Tessmer and Great-Grandma all came out to visit us.  We had a lot of fun with them. Abigail turned 4 months old in September then we all turned around and she was already 5 months old.  We have been on a couple of hikes (not nearly enough though), Abigail is scooting backwards on the floor and sitting up.  She is really finding her voice, her first words are da da da da da da. 

It is getting late, I need to get some sleep.  Love to all.  Enjoy some pictures. 


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