November 29th was my 4th birthday.  It was a good birthday, even though everyone, except Colby, forgot to tell me Happy Birthday.  I forgive them though, they did have a long weekend (without us).  Dad, Mom and Abigail left us at a pet resort while they went to Bandon, OR.  We enjoy going to the resort, but we don’t get a lot of sleep.  There are always a lot of dogs crying at night (Colby).  It does make me feel better that Dad and Mom didn’t get good sleep either.  I guess their beds were terrible.  Abigail on the other hand slept like a …. well a baby. 

Things around the Frazier household have been going pretty good.  Abigail is still here and getting around a lot better these days.  She went from a crying, non-moving baby, to a crawling, goofy girl.  She likes to crawl right up to Colby and me and try to touch us.  She can even pull herself up to standing by the couches.  Colby lets her get away with some of that stuff.  I have been keeping my distance, unless Mom or Dad is right there to supervise. 

Colby writing here now. October, November,December and January have come and gone, obviously without posting Feta’s birthday blog.  We actually have been celebrating her birthday for the last 3 months!!   In December Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Jim came to visit.  They all came in on Christmas Day.  Luckily the winter weather held off just long enough to let them all get here on time.  We were very happy to have them here, that meant three more people to give us more love and scratches.  They loved being here and loved spending time with their three grandchildren.  On New Years Eve, we invited Sprocket, Matt, Kristin and Melissa over.  We had a great time playing with Sprocket and everyone else had fun playing games and eating.  We all got midnight kisses and then we fell asleep.   In January, Abigail turned 8 months old.  She is getting bigger and faster all the time.  Feta still keeps her distance, even though Abigail loves her.  She gets so excited to see her, she laughs and dances every time she sees Feta.  She loves me too, using me as her personal jungle gym.  I normally don’t mind, but sometimes she tries it when I am sleeping and well that just isn’t cool.  

It is February now and my birthday was yesterday (13th).  Mom made me a 5 year video montage.  We will put it up right after we put this up.  

Happy Valentines day everyone. 

Love, Colby Jack and Feta Mae

P.S.   Enjoy the pictures

Colby writing here now. October, November,


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