Spring and Summer 2010

Here we are again, writing after a 6 month hiatus.  We have been so busy we just never had time to write.  Oh who am I kidding, I just haven’t taken the time.   I have been too lazy to write.  What I am a dog, I can be lazy if I want to be lazy.   Don’t you wish you could just lay around doing nothing all day.  Oh the life of a dog is pretty darn good. 

Let’s see where did we leave off.  Oh yeah—it was my 5th birthday.  Guess what I have been doing since my 5th birthday.  I have been dieting, not that I wanted to, but I was forced to diet.   I went to the vet and was weighed in at 122.  I thought it was awesome, I was the big dog I always dreamed I would be.  Well other people (Dad, Mom, the vet, and others) were saying how much I gained.  That I was looking a little too big.  How does a dog like me ever look too big?   But since I have no control over my food (darn these paws of mine)  Dad and Mom reduced my breakfast and dinners.  I really thought I was going to die of starvation before every meal.  Even Feta (who also was on a diet, I wasn’t the only chunky monkey in the house) would get worked up before we ate.  We changed food during this time, and now Feta loves to eat, she might be a normal dog after all.   Feta and I had a vet appt. last week and guess what???  The diet worked, I was down to 96lbs and Feta lost about 7 pounds.  I almost hate to admit this, but I think the diet was good for me.  I feel like I can run faster, jump higher and overall just feel more like my old self.   Don’t ever tell Mom and Dad that.   Feta says she is feeling better also.  Mom and Dad have started to give me just a bit more food, they decided that I probably don’t need to lose anymore weight, I just need to maintain. I don’t even care what that means, I am just happy to have more food.   Feta is still on her diet, she can’t have too much weight on her back leg, we want it to stay healthy and strong for a long time.  

Abigail is growing like crazy—she turned 1 on May 6, 2010.  We are getting used to being around her more and more.  She can walk and is almost running now.  We have fun “playing” with her outside.  She loves to pick up a ball outside and throw it to me.  It doesn’t go very far yet, but I know soon I will be chasing the ball down the hill.   Occasionally she gets in my way and I accidentally knock he over.  I never mean to do it, it’s just when someone is playing with me I get so excited I don’t pay attention to anything else.   She is also eating more big people food than before, which is very good for us dogs.  Abby isn’t the cleanest eater, she sometimes throws food on the ground, some times on accident and sometimes of purpose.  She really likes to feed Feta and me.  Mom and Dad don’t like it when she does that, so now we have to be out of sight from her while she is eating.  After she is done eating, we get to go in and be the clean-up crew.  Sometimes when she is having a snack downstairs, she sneaks us some of her snack.  We love her for that.   She still likes to climb on me, but if she feeds me every now and again, I will be her jungle gym. 

Uncle Jim has moved in with us also, it is nice to have someone else around.  One more body to lay next to, and he loves it soooo much (not really).   Mom, Abby and Uncle Jim went to Texas for 10 days in July, which left us with Dad.  We had a great time, except for the times when he went to work.  We had to be here all alone.  Good thing we had our neighbor Shannon there to play with us. 

Overall it is has been a good year.  We hope for more good times throughout the rest of the year.   Mom starts work again in September, so we will be left alone again.  Do you feel bad for us?  Well you should.

Love to all, 

Colby and Feta. 




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